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Night. Bar. Uh, this isn't "dinner," people. Dancing. Drinking. Johanna dances on a bar. Danny drinks. The girls dance on an empty dance floor, as Mel camera-talks that she just wants to go out and have a fun roommate night and leave the house on good terms with everyone as friends. And with that, The Bar-Back of Foreshadowing pours more contaminated ice into the hopper.

Rachel, Johanna, and Mel pose on the bar for a photo. Rachel grabs Mel's breast. Hard to believe she can reach that low.

Neh talks to the sharp face, Raptor teeth, pointy snout, and squeaky voice that is...well, mice, but also, in this case, Wren. Wren is bitching about Wes, saying he's "this small" and that he's "nothing." Wes camera-talks that he's dancing with a bunch of girls and suddenly Wren comes over and hits him. No surprise, the on-point camera crew whose job it is to document the few-and-far-between juicy parts of these losers' lives, totally miss it. Now we see Wes yelling, wondering what Wren's problem is, and she's repeating her clearly-rehearsed speech about how he's "nothing." Wes tells us he probably did something wrong. Stunning powers of deduction, House. Wren bitches about Wes's roommates telling her that the two of them fucked when they didn't -- and now Wes spins it to us, leaving out the part about him supposedly overstating their level of sexual involvement (clumsy handjob, intercourse; really, what's the diff?!), focusing instead on the part about his telling his roommates in confidence and his losing a lot of "respect" for whoever "leaked it." I think Wes "leaked it" the other night. (Gross. Sorry.)

Outside. Wes walks, on a mission, telling us he thinks it was Johanna or Rachel. Wes stumbles home with Danny, slurring about calling out all the girls as soon as they get home. Danny camera-talks about how Wes is "hurt," and Danny has a feeling that something bad is about to happen. Oh, good. Finally.

Wes stumbles inside. "Where is she?" he asks. In the bathroom, Danny takes photos as Wes asks Johanna if she talked to Wren tonight. Johanna has "I (heart) Rachel" written on her upper chest in eyeliner. (And: No, she doesn't.) Johanna, also drunk -- shocker -- babbles about Wren. Rachel comes in and says, gleefully, that Wren hates Wes. Rachel is eating a wiener. Rachel blows Wes off, telling him he's acting like he has PMS. Mel jumps in, adding that he's taking her Midol. Danny, with his dumb beehive knit cap, reaches out a hand and shakes his head for Mel to stop. Hee. Mel literally bounces away. Alone now, Danny tells Wes that it's "obviously Rachel." Instigator. Wes says he's going to kill her.

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