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The End, My Friends

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The End, My Friends

We close out with a montage of moments from the past season: Irene crying about the infamous David rape incident; Dom visiting his parents in Ireland; Beth plastering copies of Aaron's "Men of Westwood" calendar around the house; Jon's hideous outfits and his hilarious brush with near-porn; Banthony coming out of the closet to her roommates; and Irene's nuptials. The last shot of the season is the inside of the empty beach house. As we pan over unfurnished rooms, the phone rings. But, of course, no one is home. How very poignant. I feel as though I might cry. Okay, that feeling is gone. And, we're out! Thanks for coming along for the ride, y'all! If you miss me, I'll be hanging around Dawson's Creek and The X-Files this fall. See you there!

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