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The End, My Friends

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The End, My Friends

Back at the house, everyone celebrates with cake and applause. Aaron muses that he feels like he's "graduating from everything." Dom says that "everyone has preconceived notions" of other people, but living in the Real World house totally wipes all of that out of your mind.

Beth sits in the windowsill and chirps that they all learned "the art of communication," although their say in the house "started on a bad note." This cues up a montage of David Moments, including the Great Styrofoam Packing Material War of 1993, and, of course, the entire It Wasn't Not Funny Incident.

Tami says she came into the house wanting to learn how other people view her, and now that she's done so, she thinks she's really changed for the better. Elton John starts to wail in the background. Glenn tells us that he's learned to live with people who are different than he is. If by "live with" he means "insult and demean," then I guess that's true. Jon says that they're all just trying to learn what they want to learn out of life, and in the course of doing that, they've learned to respect and cooperate with others. Yeah, that's touching. Whatever. Will this episode never end? All this hugging and learning is so exhausting.

Finally, all of them pile into the confessional, except Banthony who, for some reason, isn't there. They stare into the camera and try to figure out something meaningful to say. Aaron says he'll go first, but he can't think of anything. No one can come up with anything sincere in the least. Eventually, someone asks, "Who farted?" Aaron gets pissed because of his roommates' inability to be serious and he stomps out in a huff. Dom gives chase and everyone else bursts out laughing. "It's over. That's how we went out," Tami tells the camera.

Finally, everyone is all packed up and getting the hell out of Dodge. Tami starts to sniffle and tells them that she cares about them all and she knows they'll succeed in everything they do and she loves them, and, and, and, sniff! People hug and snuffle and pat each other on the ass. Beth Jessica Wakefields that she feels as though she's in a dream, and that one day she'll wake up, and it'll be as though none of this ever, ever happened. And then she gets in a motorcycle accident and wakes up from her coma thinking she's Banthony and she doesn't come out of that until she hits her head on a coffee table right before she sleeps with a woman. Banthony and Glenn hug. Everyone hugs. And Dom says that he thinks some people are going to have a hard time letting go of this experience. Jon says that he doesn't know what to say. "It was great. And that's all," he snuffles. Jon gets in the car with Dom, and they go to the airport, where Jon boards a plane and flies back to obscurity.

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