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The End, My Friends

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The End, My Friends

Banthony slowly talks about Jon "changing his awareness." Um, okay. Whatever that means. That's one of those phrases my English teachers would have circled with a red pen and scribbled "unclr" next to. Much in the way they would have circled that sentence right there, and written "don't end w/ prep."

Jon and Beth go outside and play volleyball on the beach. Right as they finish the match, Jon notices that the riot police are out in force on the boardwalk. Which happens more than one might think, really. Venice is supposed to by all funky and arty, and a lot of it is, but there are also parts that are pretty rough and tumble. Anyway, Jon and Beth beat it back to the beach house, trailed by the riot squad, and the mounted police. "Are we being followed?" Jon whispers. Beth sort of giggles. They lose the coppers momentarily. Jon voice-overs that he and Beth have gotten really close over the course of "the project." And Beth voiceovers that she's going to miss Jon "the most." Aw, he's like the scarecrow to her Dorothy!

Next, all of the houseguests talk about where they suspect their fellow roommates will end up. They're all nice enough not to mention either jail or Bellevue. Tami thinks Dom will become a VJ. Jon thinks Dom will have his own line of shoes and hairstyling products. Tami is sure that Jon and Perch have a huge feature ahead of them in music! Huge! Jon is nice enough to say that Tami will have her own show "with a bunch of girls that run around and have attitude." That's an interesting concept for a show. Sounds sort of like G-String Divas. Jon also thinks that Beth will become "a kitty trainer." Jon doesn't seem to have a really great grip on the concept of what does and does not constitute an actual job. For example, I would love to make money by watching movies and television and picking and choosing which of the hot guys contained therein is destined to become the next Brad Pitt. A hottie trend watcher, if you will. But no one is willing to pay me to do that! Moving on. Aaron thinks Banthony will be a firefighter, because she's a pyromaniac. Dom thinks Aaron will become a transvestite. Jon chirps that "the sky's the limit for anyone in this house, really." Aw, the misguided optimism of youth! I remember it well.

Next, Aaron says how hard it is to study in the house. "It's just a nightmare," he complains, because everyone is so dang loud. Because everyone knows frat houses are as silent as the grave. Be that as it may, the beach house is loud, and Aaron can't get any work done, and he wants to die.

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