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Previously on Real World: Tonya had big medical bills, which we've never heard about before. Aneesa actually said that Tonya needed a lot of attention. Does she hear herself talking? The editors juxtapose Aneesa's accusation with footage of Aneesa walking around with no pants on. Tonya tells Aneesa that she's offensive and Aneesa just laughs.

Kyle asks if Tonya is around. Keri says that Tonya wanted them go eat at "her" restaurant. Kyle sounds completely unenthusiastic about it when he says that maybe they should. It's like, "Well, I guess I should get this mole removed," or "I guess I should pick up my dog's steaming crap from the floor." (Ahem, Jack Osbourne.) Keri says she'll shower and go with them. What restaurant? Why do the editors spend five hours hammering home certain points (Aneesa is obnoxious! Theo hates the gays but likes to work with kids! CJP is needy!) and then just drop other things in willy-nilly. They couldn't have manufactured some footage of Tonya getting the job in the first place, or telling Justin on the phone that she got a job? Ugh.

In an interview, Tonya explains that she got a second job because she has to pay her big medical bills. First of all, the mural-painting thing hardly counts as a first job. How many hours per week do they actually work? Like ten? Maybe fifteen? And if you were going to get a second job, would you really waitress at some stupid pizza joint? I'm sure the pizza is good and everything, but it doesn't seem like high-income potential. Tonya should just strip because you know that's where she's going to end up anyway. Keri, Kyle, and some friends go eat at Tonya's restaurant. In an interview, a teary Tonya says that she can't turn to her mom and dad. Boo hoo. There are tons of people out there, some who were in foster care and some who weren't, who don't have their parents' money to fall back on. If you know that you have a chronic health problem, you get health insurance, because no matter what the premiums are, it's still going to be cheaper than the eventual hospital bills. Or, more likely, you stay the hell in Walla Walla and get a job that offers benefits. What you don't do is go to Chicago with no health insurance, knowing that you are very likely to need medical treatment, and then cry about how you can't pay the bills. I don't feel bad for Tonya at all. Because I have a black, black heart.

Tonya takes orders from the group, and it's like she was born to be a waitress. Just slap a name tag on her and call her Flo. In an interview, Keri says that Tonya has been through so much, and she wants to be strong all of the time. Tonya tells Keri and Kyle that she misses hanging out with them. We see Tonya doing normal waitress-type stuff, like setting tables. Tonya voice-overs that by the end of the night, her back started aching and she knew that something was going on.

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