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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

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The Bronx Is Up, and the Battery's Down

Previously on The Real World: Bunim-Murray took twenty-seven finalists to Palm Springs for five days, in order to narrow it down to the thirteen people who would be on one or the other of their shows this season. Ellen and Coral got in a big fight. Ellen claimed that Coral just wants confrontation. Lori sang karaoke. Kevin thought Lori was cool, and that he could see himself "hooking up with or...or dating" her. Lori had a boyfriend, but was attracted to Kevin. Mike didn't understand how gay men could like other men. Coral told him that he doesn't need to understand it. The finalists were announced, but they didn't know whether they'd be on Road Rules or The Real World until they got to New York City.

As Jonathan Murray says, "We'll see you in New York," we cut to -- wait, is this Seattle? No, of course it's New York, and I think I'm going to start a landmark count. There are so many to choose from! You know what, I'll let you decide: just go vote in the poll. I had to limit the choices to landmarks that I recognize, though -- like, I'm sure they will show the Brooklyn Bridge a lot, but frankly, I can't tell the various bridges in New York apart. So, no bridges.

It's five weeks after the Casting Special. After a montage of typical NYC scenes, Mike, age twenty, from Parma, Ohio, walks on-screen. It's his first time in New York, and he's scared. He's taking a ferry. Did he fly into Staten Island? Also on a ferry is Coral, age twenty-two, from San Francisco, California. Coral's excited to leave San Francisco because she needs a change in her life. Are they on the same ferry? I don't know. Lori, age twenty-one, from Boston, Massachusetts, walks up some stairs. Coral spots Lori and calls her over, and they hug. Lori and Coral discuss who they think will be in their cast. Coral is sure that Ellen will be with them, because of their fight. Lori thinks that Kevin will be with them, too, because they flirted in Palm Springs. In an interview, Lori says that she has "a little crush on someone, a very harmless crush." Lori can't imagine Kevin on Road Rules. U2 sings "Beautiful Day."

Lori and Coral find Mike leaning on the ship's railing, and greet him. Mike's beeper goes off, and the message tells them to take the subway to 32 Hudson. Coral claims to know about subways, and off they go. In an interview, Coral says that she used to live in New York, when she was trying to be a model, so she knows the subway system pretty well. They get on the subway, but we're spared the thrilling footage of them actually being on the subway. Because ferry footage is fine, but subway footage would just be too boring. They get off at 1 Hudson and have to do what Coral calls "a Jesus walk" to 32 Hudson. Since I have no idea how far that actually is, I can't comment on it, but to their credit, they are each carrying huge backpacks that probably weigh a hundred pounds. It's lightly snowing out, and Coral says that her "hands are, like, shattering" and that her "nipples are creating holes in [her] leather jacket." Mike checks out her nipples.

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