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The Bad Rap Video

Props to Glark, for finding me some Roaring '20s slang on the web.

Previously, on The Real World: The Belfort Seven met with Elton, the biggest bad-ass boss The Real World has ever seen, and Elton told them they would be producing a live weekly television show. Kelley was psyched. Matt told us that Kelley had stepped up as the leader. David felt that Kelley was not a natural-born leader, largely because she insisted on knowing what he was working on. The horror!

The show opens, as usual, with some pointless establishing clips of New Orleans scenery. But are they really pointless? On closer inspection, it seems that there is a clip of some guys working construction, and then some clips of some guys on a garbage truck. I think this is the editors' subtle way of saying, "These are people who work for a living. They do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Compare and contrast with the horrors that follow." Just keep that in mind throughout the episode, okay? Next up, we see Julie and Jamie walking down the street, carrying tiny Sony digital cameras. Okay, what public-access network can afford digital cameras? Do you think maybe, just maybe, those are a product placement donated by the kind folks at Sony, who also donated the (recently stolen by Road Rules) robotic dog? Just wondering. Julie and Jamie are both filming Melissa, and I'm wondering why they both need to be there. I guess they want to make sure they don't miss one word of what Melissa is saying. Currently, Melissa is asking various residents of New Orleans what their concerns are. Some guy who looks vaguely like Dominic from RW Los Angeles says that if he's going to be filmed, he wants a copy of the tape. But apparently, he's okay with being filmed by the B/M cameras, just not the NOA-TV cameras. Melissa says that they don't want to talk to him, then, and walks away. The three continue to walk down the street, and Melissa tries to get them to stop and go into a shoe store, but Julie is having none of it, and pulls her away. Then Julie wonders what she's being such a hard-ass for, and relents. Jamie's like, "Whatever, dude." In an interview, Melissa says that they are seven twentysomethings who "only care about [themselves]" and that she doesn't think that "any of [them] have a real interest in what the major issues of New Orleans are." Wow, that was possibly the most honest thing I've ever heard on this show, ever. Melissa just earned a lot of respect from me for recognizing and pointing out the inherent silliness of this whole "working at a television station" thing, when clearly, none of them really care at all, and just want to hang out.

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