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The Asparagus Is Not Cooked

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Pedro shows up at Sean's. They hug. Pedro tells us that they needed to talk things out. Sean says he doesn't like fighting with Pedro. Pedro says he doesn't want to fight or argue because it doesn't feel like he has enough time. He says he's stressed out about his health and work (work?), and he doesn't know what he wants to do. Sean asks that Pedro tell him when Pedro knows what he wants. They cuddle by the fire. Sean asks when Pedro's going to tell his sister. Pedro rubs his face and says he didn't accomplish anything he wanted to accomplish in Miami. He says he talked about Sean, but didn't express how serious it was. "I'll write her a letter," Sean says. Pedro kisses his hand.

Next time: the action continues as they discuss getting a new roommate. Puck calls Rachel to tell her she misses him. They discuss kissing again.

During the credits, Pedro tells Sean that the asparagus in the bag hasn't been cooked. Sean says it's been cooked because it's hot. Pedro yells and says that it's only hot because it was in hot water. Sean says that the asparagus has been cooked. Pedro shouts, "This asparagus has not been cooked!" Pedro screams at Rachel and asks whether the asparagus has been cooked. Rachel says from off-camera that she cooked the asparagus in the microwave for two minutes. Pedro laughs as Sean smacks his back. Can you take the excitement? Jesus, I'm freaking out over here.

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