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Back in Miami, Pedro has lunch with his two best friends, Alex and Jessie. Jessie is a girl and she's got lots of pictures in her wallet. Alex is Pedro's roommate, and is like Pedro's brother.

Pedro's shaving again, and talking to Alex in the bathroom. He says that he needs to talk to his sister, before he leaves, about Sean. Alex says that Pedro's T-cell count is probably more important. Pedro confesses that he hadn't talked to her about that, either. Pedro says he has to decide whether he wants a long-distance relationship with his family, or with Sean. He says he'd rather be with Sean. Alex asks whether, if something goes wrong or if Pedro and Sean don't work out, Pedro's going to be on the next plane to Miami. Pedro says it's a risk he's taking. I don't know why Sean can't move to Miami. Pedro's entire life is there.

Pedro goes out to dinner with a group of friends. They get served by a group of drag queens. That's it. That's all that happens. Pedro laughs.

Later that night Pedro is walking down Ocean Drive when he started getting chest pains. Pedro starts thinking and gets worried and goes home to bed.

Puck plays pinball as Rachel tells us that he manipulates people. It's like I'm learning all these things about these people I've never known before. Rachel tells Judd that Puck's using Cory because she'll listen to him and allow herself to be manipulated. Judd says he doesn't understand.

A sink drips as Cory whines to Pam, "People make you or break you!" That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Pam thinks so too, and she moans for Cory to go to sleep. Pam tells us in a confessional that Puck pours salt in your wounds. Cory says that she spent the entire day walking like a zombie. "I don't understand anything," she whines. Pam says that this isn't about Cory and Puck, but it is. Cory says that Puck made a lot of sense, and that she had nothing to argue about. Cory goes back to trying to jam her head entirely up her ass.

It's raining, and Pedro doesn't feel well. He's thrown up and he thinks he might have pneumonia. He starts calling doctors, but since he doesn't have insurance, he has a hard time finding someone who will admit him for x-rays. Pedro calls doctor after doctor, and tells Alex that if he were dying, he'd have been dead by now. Alex and Pedro are concerned. The over-dramatic music swelling is hoping for more dramatic tension. There is none, and we go to commercial.

Rain in Miami. Pedro goes to a doctor. Dr. Karen Raben listens to Pedro describe his chest pains. She decides to do some x-rays. They take x-rays. They weigh Pedro. He's 132 lbs. Dr. Raben says that the x-rays came back clear.

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