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Pedro lands in Miami with a clean-shaven face again. His family hugs him. His sister, his father, some guy not worthy of identification, and his other sister are present. One of his sisters tells him he's gotten skinny. Pedro holds children.

Pedro and his family arrive back at the house, where there are more kisses. Pedro tells everyone how much he missed them. He says he's happy to be home, listening to all of the screaming, the noise, and the babies crying. Pedro loves just what I hate about home life. He says he's glad his sister's bitching at him about eating properly.

Pedro sits with his family and explains Puck. Pedro talks in Spanish, but he's clearly telling the story of Puck swiping the peanut butter. "He didn't adapt to our environment," Pedro explains. Man, it's been, like, seven years and I still remember the peanut butter incident like it happened in my own home. Pedro was that pissed off about it.

Cory and Rachel laugh over some pictures Cory's developed. "This is the raddest picture ever," Cory coos over some shot of Puck. Cory says there are tons of pictures of Puck. She laughs and says, "He's gonna die." They laugh over more pictures. We see "candid" shots of the roommates posing for photos as Cory voice-overs that she and Pedro are growing apart. She says that she didn't choose Puck over Pedro, but that Puck has more power to "influence" her.

Pedro tells us, "I don't know anything but my family. They have been my whole life." Pedro's sister notices that he's running a fever, and suddenly the entire family is coddling him. They tell him to take it easy. Pedro protests, but they are persistent. People leave and Pedro's on the thermometer. He keeps his spirits up and confesses that he does feel a little warm. You might feel like I'm leaving some of the fun and excitement and action out of the episode. I swear to God this is all that's happening. When I first watched the episode I was like, "Is this thing an hour long? When is something going to happen?"

Cory calls Puck. Puck bitches Cory out for not being a good friend and for letting him get kicked out of the house. Cory warbles and backs down, whining and moaning and making herself look like an ass. Whine, whine, whine. Puck says, "Keep your whining and stuff it up your butt." I've seen more intelligent debates on Kindergarden Nap Time. Puck says that they're all a bunch of kids with their big important castle and their power and they voted him out of the house. Cory says that they discussed it for hours. Puck says that he's done talking about it, but that he'd like to see the pictures. They make plans to meet. Cory says, "I don't know how to confront him. I don't. It just makes me nervous." I'm gonna go order a spine for Cory because I can't take looking at this sobbing amoeba anymore.

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