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Previously on The Real World: Cory flirted with Puck. The group kicked him out of the house. Pam knew that Cory wanted people to like Puck. Pedro was in love with Sean. Pedro was torn between moving to San Francisco permanently to be with Sean (the man to whom he's engaged) and moving back home to spend the rest of his days with his family.

Sean and Pedro are arguing over the phone. Pedro tells us (clean-shaven) that they've been arguing. Goateed Pedro argues over the phone. The bickering continues until Sean hangs up.

Mohammed eats food and listens to Pedro's problems. Pedro is going to Miami for a few days, and it's a sore spot with Sean because he knows that Pedro's thinking about not moving to San Francisco. I don't understand why they pose these guys in the strangest of places to "get real" with us. Pedro's talking from around the corner of his computer monitor. Cory talks to us from underneath a giant umbrella. They've always got Mo in a car or in the middle of a field somewhere. Mo tells Pedro that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. Pedro nods and says it's still hard because he hates fighting.

Pedro announces that he's going to shave his goatee. Nobody cares. Pedro lathers up and starts shaving. He points out that Sean likes him to keep a little flavor-saver under his chin. Pedro shaves. The action! The excitement! They've got one of those sinks like Stee has where there's a separate spigot for hot and cold. It sucks to wash your face in there because you have to cup your hand in the hot, burn your hand and then cool it down with a splash from the cold spigot and then splash your face. It's impossible. Those sinks were made just for men to shave and that's it.

Pedro sits in the kitchen with Cory. Already, every scene has involved someone eating something. Pedro's already got a pretty decent beard growing back. Cory says that she forgets how much she misses people until she sees them again. Oh, that's nice. Pedro laments and moans about being in Miami thinking about Sean.

Pedro packs. Montage of packing. Try to remember to breathe.

Pedro tells Sean to pick him up in the morning to get to the airport. He tells Sean he loves him, and Sean just hangs up.

Sean and Pedro drive to the airport in silence. Then Pedro tells us that they drove to the airport in silence. Pedro kisses Sean goodbye, wondering whether he's going to realize he can't move to San Francisco. Pedro boards his plane with at least six carry-ons, including his returning facial hair. Fucker.

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