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Telling Stories

Previously on The Real World: The roommates found out that they would be acting out stories for the Chicago Halloween celebration. Well, anything that involves "acting out" should be a snap for these kids. CJP is psyched, because she was a theater major in college. Why am I not surprised that she was part of the drama department? The roommates, minus Tonya, went to New England to scout out some haunted sites. In an interview, Theo was not sad that Tonya couldn't join them due to "doctor's orders" (i.e. Justin's visit). The roommates sang a very funny song about Tonya and Chris laughed and laughed. In an interview, Theo says that Tonya doesn't know how everyone else feels about her, but that she will find out. Hey, we've never seen that interview before! Bitches.

The apartment is empty, empty, empty. Except for Tonya. Whose head is empty, empty, empty. In an interview, Tonya says she's excited to be by herself because she really hasn't made a connection with her roommates. Because they don't believe her lies. We see Tonya make the bed and brush her teeth as she voice-overs that she has a hard time connecting with people because she was in foster care. Wait, Tonya was in foster care? Why hasn't this come up already this season? Oh, wait. It has. And we know. And we. GET IT. God. In an interview, Tonya says that she wants to be able to have deep relationships with people, but she's afraid to get attached in case she loses them, just like she lost her mom and her brothers and sisters. Hey, wait. She said in the Real World book that she doesn't have any brothers and sisters. If she has biological siblings, even if she doesn't live with them or have contact with them, they are still her brothers and sisters, right? Liar. Also? Tonya is very shiny in that interview, like get some powder already.

In Boston, the other roommates go to a costume shop to pick out some masks and costumes for their performance. I’m not sure what the point of that little vignette was, unless it was to show off Kyle's mask, which resembled The Host from Angel, except red.

Back in Chicago, Tonya goes to work. No, really. Not to her waitressing job. The parks job. When she arrives, she apologizes for being late because she got lost on the El train. Of course, if she has really been going to work all along, she would know how to get there, right? Tonya and Lara (the boss) look over lists of the items they still need for the performance. In an interview, Tonya says that this will be a lot of work in a short period of time, and she hopes they can pull it off. Wow, where have I seen this "we have so much work to do and I don't know if we'll get it done in time" thing before? Oh, that's right. In Seattle, with the radio show. In Hawaii, with the talent show. In New Orleans, with the cable show. In New York, with the presentation to the KROCK DJs. And now in Chicago. Could we give this storyline a rest already? Please? It's tired and it wants a rest. Tonya sits down and starts working really hard. By making a list of things to do instead of actually doing them.

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