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Tack And Jibe

Previously on The Real World: The roommates found out that, for their job this season, they will be working on sailboat charters. Brad bragged about the size of his penis, and even made his girlfriend tell his roommates how big it was. And then he dumped his girlfriend anyway.

The roommates are on the sailboat. Brad interviews that he's excited about their job, and that he thinks the crewmembers are cool. Brian, the Director of Sailing, advises the roommates to try to remember the names of the different parts of the boat, and to ask if they don't know, because they have to take a test the next day. Jamie starts asking a lot of questions about the different parts of the boat. Brian quizzes her a little bit. At a later point, they need to turn the boat around, and the roommates don't seem to know what to do unless Brian tells them. Even later, the roommates practice tying knots. Brian tells them that if they pass the test tomorrow, they'll get paid $200 for their training, but that if they fail, they won't be allowed to go out on the charters, and they'll have to stay in the harbor and scrub the boats. Jamie interviews that she's concerned about Robin, who hasn't shown any interest in learning. Robin interviews that she knows that if she doesn't study for the test, she'll fail. I don't get why you would go out on the boat and actively not learn how to sail. Isn't that boring? It's like my students who come to class and then actively try not to learn. Wouldn't it make class go by faster if you at least pretended to participate?

Back at the house, Jamie tutors Robin on the different parts of the boat. Jamie draws a picture and quizzes Robin on the different parts. Robin interviews that this is the first time she can feel relief, because she thinks she's getting it. Cameran, Brad, and Randy sit around and do nothing. Robin interviews that she hasn't seen any of those three study yet.

Robin and her giant boobs and her ill-advised halter dress walk into the room. Why would you wear a halter dress, which makes everyone look like her boobs go in two different directions, when your boobs are already predisposed to that condition? Maybe they could learn about port and starboard and stuff by using the terms to describe which way each of Robin's boobs is pointing. The roommates all leave the house for a night on the town. Frankie is dressed all Catholic schoolgirl, complete with pigtails, glasses, and plaid pleated skirt. I think when your outfit could pass for a Halloween costume, it's time to tone it down. Brad interviews that he's not going to stay home and study because he already knows all the terms. The roommates drink and dance at the bar.

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