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Swiss Near Miss

Previously on The Real World: Mallory had a crush on Leah's brother, and Leah wasn't happy. Mallory confronted Leah about Leah's shitty behavior, and Leah promised to change. The roommates found out that they would be taking a vacation through Europe. Chris thought the trip would either bring everyone closer or tear them all apart. Nothing like hedging your bets there, Chris.

The roommates arrive in Rome. In a confessional, Mallory says she's excited to see everything in Rome. The roommates arrive at their hotel and then immediately leave in a pack. In an interview, Leah explains that her friend Matt is in Rome, and she can't wait to spend time with him. Wasn't Leah the one getting all pissed off that Mallory was hanging out with her aunt and cousin in Nice? Matt shows the roommates the sights. Christina comments that one fountain "doesn't look anything like the one in Las Vegas." At least she has the grace to laugh after saying it. Ace gets his picture taken in front of the Coliseum. Leah points out where Mussolini used to give speeches. Chris interviews that he feels like he should be wearing a toga while he's seeing all of the ancient ruins. The roommates get a group pictures taken at night.

The roommates all go out dancing. The first shot of the club's interior features Adam "dancing," and I actually say out loud, "Oh, Adam." Like, sadly. As in, "Oh, Adam, are you still thinking you're a good dancer?" Leah has a bandanna on her head. For someone so obsessed with fashion labels, she is a shitty dresser. Who wears a bandanna on her head to go out to a club? Leah is also a little drunk, and she slurs to Matt that everyone hates Chris. The problem is that Chris is sitting about two feet away. Leah could reach out and poke him if she wanted to. If I were Chris, I would be really tempted just to shove Leah over. Chris interviews that he heard Leah telling Matt that everyone hates him, and that the girls sitting near him heard it as well, so they looked at him and he had nothing to say about it, since it's the norm. Matt tells Leah that Chris has been great, so he doesn't understand what Leah is going on about. Leah tells Matt to look at Mallory (who is seated next to Chris) and note how much Mallory doesn't want to be sitting there. Mallory looks more like she doesn't want to be near Leah, but maybe I'm projecting. Mallory interviews that Leah is being "really, really mean" and "completely out of line."

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