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Stephen and David Learn Lessons

In an interview, Rebecca says that David is a bullshitter. In an interview, Janet says that you can't believe a word David says, although she does sometimes, even though she shouldn't. Rebecca, Janet, and David sit on the couch. Rebecca tells David that she takes every word he says "with a grain of salt." Someone else is involved in this conversation, but she is off-camera, so I can't tell who it is. David asks the girls whether they "honestly think that" he lies. Janet and Rebecca (and the mystery person) all say yes. Janet adds that he "embellishes the truth." In an interview, Janet says that David is "a used-car salesman." Irene makes her first appearance of the episode, practically, saying in an interview that "the kid is a bullshit liar." David walks over and tells Irene (who must have been the mystery person) that he doesn't find it comical. The girls protest that they didn't mean it as "a mean thing." David starts saying that his school sees honor as such a big thing. In a confessional, David says that they "live by a different code." I'll say. He's not worried that he's been caught on camera drinking to excess, fighting, or sleeping with Kira, but he's worried that some of his roommates called him a liar? David continues saying that, at VMI, they give up "the privilege to lie and be dishonest." David tells the girls not to call him a liar, unless they're kidding around. The girls can't believe how seriously he's taking this. David dramatically says that Rebecca "saying that stuff puts [him] in question." David points and says, "So don't fuck around." The girls are like, "Whatever, dude," although they don't say it out loud because they want David to stop pointing at them.

When we return from commercial, the girls are still lying around looking annoyed with David. Rebecca can't understand what David was getting so upset about. Irene takes David's side. In a confessional, Rebecca says that she doesn't like it when people get angry. Rebecca walks down to David's bedroom and tells him that she wants to talk, because she feels horrible. David comes out into the hallway to talk, and he's not wearing a shirt -- hubba hubba! David explains to Rebecca that he and Nathan have this code at VMI, and people don't understand it unless they go there. Suddenly, Irene is standing there, too, as David explains that "your word is your bond and your word is everything there." I'm too distracted by the fact that he's got one hand pulling down his shorts to reveal his scary hipbones to listen. Rebecca says that she has "no question of [his] integrity." David says that it's not her; it's how things could be perceived. He explains that people have been prosecuted by the school for things they did at home. Rebecca says that it makes her nervous to have that kind of power over his future. David notes that they've never seen him "with a stern face before," but that's how serious it is. Is this whole episode really worthy of this subplot? Clearly, they're just marking time until the "Irene loses it" episode. Everyone goes to bed.

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