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Stephen and David Learn Lessons

Back at Pier 70, Shannon asks David if he's mad at her, because she thinks the fighting was her fault. David says that he's not. She wants to see his hand, because she thinks he might need an x-ray. David voice-overs that Shannon has "always been loyal." David tells Irene that Shannon is a nurse, so she can check him out. Shannon looks at David's hand, and then examines a scrape on his knee, telling him to bend and straighten his leg. He asks why she's "trying to be June Cleaver." Shannon says it's all her fault.

David is on the phone with Kira, telling her how he got in a fight with four guys. He explains that when someone touches the people he loves, he just has a reaction and he doesn't mean to do it. And Stephen's the only one with anger management problems? David says that Another Guy lost his two front teeth, and he has the teeth marks in his hand. Kira sighs and asks why David is "saying this like it's glamorous or something." Kira tells him that he has to stop fighting. David says that he thought those days were behind him, and promises to stop. In an interview, David says that he's not perfect, and that "you make so much progress, and then you digress [sic], in a haaahtbeat, just like that." Then, he solves a mathematical equation on a blackboard in the hallway, even though he's just a janitor.

Stephen, David, and Nathan get into the radio-station van. Stephen is going to meet an uncle he has never met before, and he's nervous. In an interview, Stephen explains that he didn't know he had any uncles, but they called him; they all agreed to meet at the fish market. Shannon asks how his uncles found him. Stephen explains that his father knows Stephen is in Seattle; his father talked to his uncles, and they called him up. Stephen hopes that his uncles don't start defending his father, because he "won't be having it." In an interview, Stephen says (again!) that he's nervous because he doesn't know where these guys are coming from.

At the fish market, Stephen meets Freddie and Greg, his uncles. They shake hands. They get some food and sit down. Stephen explains that he's seen his dad a total of three times, and he can't understand his father's circumstances. His uncles commiserate with him. Stephen doesn't understand how "that could happen." I'm not sure what he's talking about here. This conversation is so edited, and I'm not sure whether they were uncomfortable talking about it on camera, or if the editors are just nimrods. One uncle says that the first time he heard about Stephen's existence was when Stephen was in college. In an interview, Stephen says that it makes him feel worthless, that his dad didn't tell his brothers that he has a son. Stephen says that he's not upset because his mother "stepped up and raised [him]." In an interview, Stephen says that he loves his mom because he's realizing how hard it was for her to raise him without a father. Stephen's emotions sure do swing wildly, don't they? He's gone from hating his mom to loving his mom in about ten minutes. Or that could just be editing.

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