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Stephen and David Learn Lessons

Stephen and Janet play pool. Stephen complains that his mom worked a lot of jobs to afford school and get a better job. In an interview, Stephen says that his mom worked hard, and that meant that she wasn't around to help him with his homework or talk to him. I'm even more impressed that he turned out to be such an "academian," knowing that. Stephen tells Janet that his dad was never around and he had "lots and lots of guys in and out of [his] house." Stephen says that his mom gave those guys "total authority over [him]" and talks about one in particular who, when Stephen "spilled wine on a beige carpet," bent him over a hamper and whipped him with an extension cord. Stephen doesn't understand how his mom could let that happen if she "really cared." Sheesh. No wonder Stephen is so messed up. Would someone get this kid some therapy? Oh, wait -- that comes later. Janet twirls her hair and nods. In an interview, Janet says that she would have "no idea how to be [Stephen]" and that she hasn't "gone through half the stuff he has gone through."

Monorail! Monorail! Monorail! Sorry, every time they show it, I feel a need to break into that song from The Simpsons. Ah, Phil Hartman. We still miss you. ["'The ring broke off my pudding can!' 'Use my pen knife, my good man!'" -- Wing Chun] Anyway, David is at the radio station, recording some "new music reviews." Tony, their long-suffering show producer, listens to David's recording and then talks some radio talk that I don't understand. David splits. Lindsay, Janet, and Irene do their show, reading from their scripts, which is so, so lame. I'm not saying that they shouldn't plan out their show, but it's so obvious that they're reading from a script. Janet introduces David's review, and Rebecca starts the cart, but it's all screwed up. They all look at each other, helplessly. Tony comes in, and Rebecca explains that the problem is with David's "disk" (it was a cart, but whatever). Tony starts playing a song. Tony explains that David didn't erase the cart before he recorded his review, and that caused the screw-up. In an interview, Janet says that she thinks David is "uninterested in the whole radio station." Rebecca tells Tony that David had a bad day. Tony points out that having a bad day doesn't give you a free pass at the workplace. Too true. Tony says that he's going to call David, because if David doesn't "pull his weight," then Phil (the program director) will have to talk to him. Didn't Phil already talk to David when he skipped out on the ski trip to stay in bed with Kira? ["Yep." -- Wing Chun]

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