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Previously on Real World: Awesome Ann the corporate trainer had a little too much enthusiasm during the roommates' orientation session. Marc told the roommates that he was troubled because they were unable to work as a team. In an interview, Arissa said that there is no team; some of the people work, some don't, and some kind of do. Sounds like every job I've ever had.

Arissa tells Steven that she's mad because some people aren't working at the job they were given. In an interview, Arissa says that she's been working since she was fourteen years old. Arissa explains that she's upset that some of her roommates would be given so much (referring to the suite and the situation and everything) and shit on it. In an interview, Arissa says that she knows she has to go into work whether or not she's hung over or sick or tired. Steven tells Arissa that if she could find a way to get her point across in a more "tactful manner," there would be "less friction in the house." He might want to work on that tactful manner, because Arissa gets all defensive about the situation. Steven says that he sometimes doesn't want to go back to the suite, because he knows Arissulan are going to yell at him. Arissa wants specific examples, but Steven doesn't offer any up, and asks why he would make something like that up. Because he's a drama queen? I think Arissa was trying to say that maybe Steven shouldn't do the things that cause them to yell, but it's hard to know because Steven kept interrupting her to deliver more of his condescending crap. Arissa gets more and more angry and Steven tells her to get out because he's trying to get a nap. Then suddenly I'm watching The Osbournes (I wish) because it's all bleep this and bleep that and Arissa storms out of the room.

Steven starts up a game of pool while Arissa sits on the sidelines and pouts. In an interview, Arissa says that she's "this big ball of emotion all the time," and she needs to change her attitude and realize that the world isn't out to get her all of the time. Well, there's talking about it and then there's doing it, so I'd like to see a little less of the former and more of the latter.

The roommates get in their van. Frank explains via voiceover that they are going to a team-building workshop. Oh, good Lord. In an interview, Steven says that he's looking forward to it because it's something new to do. Of course he's looking forward to it. It's one more opportunity for him to talk about how he's so evolved and his roommates should be more like him. In an interview, Trishelle says that she thought the workshop would be at Awesome Ann's house, "but no body really hears when [she says] that." Do you get the feeling that they all just ignore Trishelle a lot? Anyway, turns out Trishelle was right. I was kind of wondering why they showed Awesome Ann in the previously segment. Awesome Ann greets them at the door with, as you can imagine, a great deal of enthusiasm. In an interview, Brynn says that she sees Awesome Ann and she's not looking forward to the day. Can't say as I blame her.

The roommates sit in a semicircle in folding chairs on the lawn. Man, I was so wrong about Awesome Ann's income -- she is clearly raking it in if this is really her house. She's also wearing a really, really tight t-shirt and if it's distracting to me, a heterosexual woman, it must be really distracting to the straight guys and gay girls in the audience. Awesome Ann makes a comment about how grumpy the group looks. Also, most of them are wearing bandanas on their heads. Is this part of the team building? Ann asks if they are nervous, and Irulan says that she was scared that Awesome Ann would be leading them. Ann pretends to be offended and there's some awkward joking about that as we get a quick shot of Kim and Chris, Ann's assistants. Ann tells them that they are about to go through some "very, very tough training," and some of them will get to a point where they want to leave, but she asks them to hang in there. I think we should hire Awesome Ann to do some team building for the TWoP recappers. I think, as a group, we would last about thirty seconds before she kicked us out.

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