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St. Louis Blues

In the van, the roommates giggle that Tonya is probably on the phone. In an interview, Aneesa says she thinks that Tonya was on the phone the entire time they were gone, and will still be on the phone when they get home. The roommates arrive home and joke about how they will tell Tonya to get off the phone. They aren't sure if Tonya is even there, or if she's at work. Theo bitches about how he's going to make Tonya give up the phone. CJP tries to make nice, as usual, saying that they all love the phone. The elevator arrives at the loft, and sure enough, Tonya is on the phone. Kyle sings a song about Walla Walla, and Tonya hangs up.

Next week: Theo goes off on Tonya about how she milks her illness to make people feel sorry for her, and Tonya begs one of her roommates to make Theo stop. Tonya tells someone (Chris?) that she's going back to Walla Walla. Please? Justin arrives at some point, and mixes it up with Theo. Kyle says that if they start fighting, he has to go in there and break it up. Fight! Fight! And yet, somehow I doubt Tonya will leave, or that there will even be a fight. Stupid promos.

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