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St. Louis Blues

CJP and Jared walk to Jared's dorm. Jared says that they are going to have to have a talk. In an interview, Kyle explains that they are going to Jared's dorm room, where CJP spent much of her senior year and about which, therefore, she has a million memories. So why don't they go somewhere else? Kyle says that it will be an emotional thing for her and for Jared, and he thinks they have a lot of things to get off their chests. Why is Kyle the narrator of Jared and CJP's relationship? Jared and CJP reach Jared's door, and CJP acts all exasperated that they are going inside. What did she think was going to happen while they walked up the stairs? That they were going to have their talk out in the hall? She's such a drama queen.

CJP lies in Jared's bed, fully clothed, but under the covers. Jared sits on the edge of the bed and tells her that it was "really nice" to see her this weekend. CJP says that she didn't think he would be able to be part of this weekend. Jared says that he needed to see her, because he hadn't since before they broke up, and it's been "the toughest four months of [his] life." CJP pouts. Jared continues, "When I needed somebody the most, when I had no reason for living at all, I needed you, and you weren't there. Not only were you not there for me, you were the cause of it." Pack your bags, CJP, because you're going on a guilt trip. Man. I can understand Jared feeling that way, but he's pretty bitter. Jared says that he hates the way she ended it. CJP says it was hard, because she didn't have a "substantial reason." Needing to live her own life isn't a substantial reason? CJP says that the situation is gray, and that he's definitely good enough for her, and that he probably deserves better than her. In an interview, CJP says that it's clear to her that she doesn't want to be in a committed relationship, and if she wanted a boyfriend, she would be with Jared. I don't see why she has to apologize for that continually. CJP tells Jared that now is the time for her to be selfish, and to try to make it on her own. CJP adds that she's doing it now, and that it feels really good. Jared says it hurts that she's doing it without him. Jared adds that maybe they will get back together in two months, or two years, or in twenty-five years, but until that happens, she'll be a memory. Wow, that talk had very little conflict for something they hyped so much.

The next morning, Jared says goodbye to the roommates. In an interview, Theo says that Jared can come and live with them and kick Tonya out. In an interview, Keri says she thinks it's cool that CJP and Jared are being adult about things, and that they know they love each other but that the timing is off. CJP and Jared walk outside to say their private goodbye. Well, private goodbye except for the cameras. CJP is really bow-legged. I think she would look a little better if she had a little more meat on her bones, but that's just me. CJP says how happy she is that they had this weekend. Jared agrees that it was wonderful. CJP hugs him and says she's glad to know that he'll be fine. In an interview, CJP says that when they broke up, Jared wasn't fine, but now she feels like he's doing well, which is a relief. CJP tells Jared that she doesn't want to leave him, but Jared says that it's time to move on. They hug and kiss. Jared gets into his SUV and slowly pulls away. CJP watches him go. In an interview, CJP says that she doesn't know what will happen with her and Jared, since she'll be in L.A., and he'll be in St. Louis, but they both have said that if it's meant to be, it'll be. I don't think that's true, and it veers awfully close to the horrific soulmate concept, but whatever. The roommates pile into the van and wave goodbye to CJP's family.

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