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St. Louis Blues

CJP goes to see Jared play flag football, possibly with his fraternity members. In an interview, CJP says that Jared is handsome and cute, and that people search their whole lives to find someone like him. The game ends and Jared and CJP hug. In an interview, CJP says that being with Jared was the closest she has come to finding "the fairy tale," but she wonders if there is more out there. Well, if she wonders that, then she shouldn't be with Jared, because she's always going to wonder, and that's not fair to him. What she needs to do is stop apologizing for it all the damn time.

Then they show the Arch twice in a row, which makes me glad that they haven't had a season here yet, because apparently there is nothing else to show in St. Louis. In a car, CJP tells her mom that she thinks that she and Jared might be able to be friends. Her mom says that's fine as long as Jared and CJP both feel the same way. CJP says that it's not easy for either of them. Her mom adds that it's the wrong time in their lives. CJP's dad is there too, driving the car. I thought he lived in another state or something? God, it seems so long ago that he was on the show. In an interview, CJP says that the members of her family think she has talent, and encourage her to pursue an entertainment career. CJP explains that she just wants to move to L.A., and she thinks that if she gets out there, she will be able to make it. Yeah, you and eight million other wannabe actors, girlfriend. Good luck with that.

CJP's family, the roommates, and Jared all go out to dinner. CJP's dad offers up a toast, and they all clink glasses. The food arrives. Filler, filler, filler. They try to make it out like CJP and Jared are rekindling their romance by glancing across the table at each other and smiling, but I'm not buying it. Somewhere in like the lobby or something, Theo and Jared have a little talk. Jared explains that CJP was supposed to move to New York with him, but instead she broke up with him over the phone, two days before she was supposed to go. So harsh. Also, why isn't he in New York now? In an interview, Theo says that Jared is the guy for CJP, and CJP even knows it. He thinks that Jared treats CJP with respect, and CJP is still in love with him, so Theo thinks it will all work out.

Dinner ends. CJP asks Jared if he has any plans. Jared says that she's leaving in the morning, so he'd just like to spend time with her. My question is, what are the other roommates doing while CJP is hanging out watching Jared play flag football or taking long walks? That seems kind of rude. CJP and Jared agree to hang out together. CJP moves in for a hug and whispers something in Jared's ear that makes him laugh. Outside, Theo dances with Mama CJP and everyone laughs.

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