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St. Louis Blues

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St. Louis Blues

The roommates arrive in St. Louis and check out the Arch. They get to CJP's house and joke that there are so many lights on, it looks like it's glowing. In an interview, Theo tells us that CJP is really happy and excited to see Jared. They all walk in and get hugs from CJP's mom. Kyle totally checks out Mama CJP's ass when she walks away. CJP immediately gets on the phone and calls Jared to tell him that they have arrived. In an interview, CJP says that she's anxious to see Jared because they haven't seen each other since before they broke up. So she broke up with him on the phone? Dude, that's harsh. CJP tells Jared to come over.

Jared finally arrives, and he's...okay. He's very muscular, like a body-builder type, which is not really a look I go for. In an interview, Aneesa says that CJP and Jared are cute together, and he hugs her like he misses her, instead of like he wants to fuck her. That was a strange way of putting it. Kyle greets Jared and CJP cries out, "Oh my God! I'm just really excited to see you two together!" Shut up, CJP. She really is an attention whore. Not that I should be surprised, but why did she have to insert herself into Kyle and Jared's introduction? In an interview, Kyle says that Jared is "polite, intelligent, outspoken," which is exactly he would expect from CJP's boyfriend. The roommates gather for dinner, and Kyle compliments Mama CJP on the "spread." I hate that he just used the word "spread." He's such an Eddie Haskell. CJP asks Jared about his new, bigger physique. Jared says that he had nothing better to do than lift weights. Oh, let's have a pity party. In an interview, CJP says that she doesn't want to be sad for Jared, and she knows that he had a hard summer, but she needs to hear him say that he's okay. So, she doesn't care if he is actually upset, but she just cares about her own peace of mind? Typical.

After dinner, CJP's family, Jared, and the roommates hang out in someone's bedroom. CJP and Aneesa sing a song. They're pretty good, but it's so incredibly awkward to see the two of them singing a capella while everyone else just sits there and kind of smiles. In an interview, CJP says that Jared is supportive of her career aspirations and wants her to try out for everything. In an interview, Kyle says that it's easy to see the love between CJP and Jared, but then he remembers that they haven't seen each other since they broke up. The song finally ends and people applaud. Mama CJP says something and wow, she totally had a nose job.

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