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St. Louis Blues

Aneesa, Keri, Theo, Kyle, and CJP pack their bags to go to St. Louis. Aneesa runs through a checklist of things she needs to take with her, including Bactine. Why does she need Bactine? ["Maybe she's scared something will bite her in the ass if she pees in an alley in St. Louis." -- Wing Chun] Tonya tells CJP she's excited that they all get to go away. CJP is sad that Tonya can't go, but Tonya explains that she needs to work at the restaurant. In an interview, Tonya reminds us that she has "endless medical debt," and she needs to work so that she can pay it off. Tonya tells CJP to make sure to miss her. In an interview, CJP says she knows that Tonya needs to work, but that it makes her nervous that even if Tonya didn't have a job, she wouldn't come with them. I still will never understand why all of these people feel like they have to be best buddies. So what if Tonya doesn't want to go? Chris and Theo hug goodbye. In an interview, Keri explains that Chris's grandmother died, so he won't be going to St. Louis either. Tonya tells Justin on the phone that she would love to go to St. Louis, but she can't, and she's upset that her roommates are trying to make her feel guilty about it. Are they, though? In an interview, Aneesa says they invited Tonya to go, but that she would rather stay alone in the apartment, because she's a hermit. Okay, far be it from me to defend Tonya ever, but she said that she has to work, and frankly, who wouldn't want to stay in that apartment all alone? Maybe I'm a little defensive because I'm kind of a hermit as well. Hermits unite! Except we could never have any meetings, because none of us want to leave the house. Anyway.

The St. Louis-bound roommates take off, with Kyle at the wheel. That night, Tonya talks to someone on the phone about how much she likes being alone in the house, without all of the drama and bitching. In an interview, Tonya says that the house is really different without anyone else there, and that she enjoys it. Tonya tells her phone conversation partner that she's not trying to become a new person, because she kind of likes who she is. Meanwhile, in the van, Theo yells out, "Tonya has fake boobies! Her boobies are not real." Everyone giggles. Kyle tries to pretend he doesn't know what Theo is talking about. I would love to hear the conversation that led up to Theo yelling that out. CJP says that her own hair color is not real. Keri yells out that Tonya's eye color is fake, too, and CJP adds that Tonya's hair color is not real either. Ah, talking shit. One of my favorite pastimes. But I try not to do it on camera. You know, because so much of my life is lived on camera. Aneesa says that Tonya shouldn't lie about her artificial parts, nor should she brag about them, and theorizes that Tonya is trying to make up for something going on in her head. CJP tries to make nice by saying that those are Tonya's beauty secrets, which is why she doesn't reveal them. Aneesa disagrees, and says something that is half-bleeped and I don't understand about something being "meaty and not salty." Theo dies laughing.

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