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Previously on The Real World: Frankie told her boyfriend Dave that she got drunk and blacked out, and he said he thought they should break up. Brad and Cameran speculated that Randy and Robin were going to hook up.

Randy and Robin get into bed together. Robin interviews that she and Randy "have a connection" (shouldn't that be "shared a connection"?), but that it "hasn't crossed that boundary into something intimate." In another room, Jacquese and Cameran discuss whether Randy and Robin have fooled around. Cameran says that Robin claims nothing has happened, but Jacquese isn't buying it. Jacquese interviews that Robin is always sleeping in his and Randy's room. Jacquese tells Cameran that he heard some sounds coming from Randy's bed the other night, and repeats them for her. I never needed to hear Jacquese making sexual moaning noises, that's for sure. Randy interviews that he and Robin have an understanding, because they both "need a certain kind of attention from the opposite sex." That means manual stimulation, but no penetration. Randy adds that Robin knows that he's not looking for a relationship, and he hopes that things don't get confused. Yeah, because that has always been successful in the history of the human race. You keep dreaming, Randy.

Aaaah! A big boat! Look out, Frankie! Frankie calls her mom and asks if her mom would be upset if Frankie came home. Frankie's mom thinks that Frankie is just talking about a visit, but Frankie is talking about coming home for good, because she doesn't know why she's in San Diego. To bring the drama! Obviously. Frankie's mom points out that it's only four months, and that coming home won't necessarily fix things with Dave. Frankie interviews that Dave has said that they're split up, and that she can't change that. Frankie yelps that her life was fine before she left, and that she screwed it up by coming to San Diego. Frankie's mom tries to reassure her, but Frankie says that Dave thinks she cheated on him, and that wouldn't have happened if she had stayed home. Frankie's mom says that Frankie would have forever regretted staying home. Word, Frankie's mom. And arranging your life around some guy who makes you miserable is a great way to live, by the way. Frankie starts yelling at her mom in a bitchy way, asking her to point out the positives. Instead of telling her to call back when she can discuss this like a grown-up, Frankie's mom says that things could turn around in a day or a week. Frankie insists that isn't going to happen. Man, she's like a twelve-year-old complaining that the girls at school all hate her, when next week, they will all join forces and hate someone else. Frankie interviews that hanging out with her roommates is driving her crazy, because they don't share "the same hanging-out mentality." Her roommates don't like to get drunk and paw each other? That's not what I've seen. Frankie's mom says that Frankie has the resources to solve this, and that she's smart, and knows herself. Frankie sighs heavily. She needs to pull a Rachel from Back to New York and find her own friends outside the house.

Frankie goes into the bathroom to talk to Cameran while she showers. Cameran tells Frankie about the club they're going to, and urges Frankie to come along. Cameran interviews that she doesn't know what's going on with Frankie and Dave, and that Frankie seems depressed and upset. Cameran tells Frankie not to sit around and feel sorry for herself.

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