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Southern Charm

Previously on The Real World: Cameran said that she had a crush on Brad, but when she had her chance (in the bathroom of a hookah bar, of all places), she pretended that she was disgusted by him.

Cameran, Robin, and Jamie walk home from somewhere and discuss how their male roommates would be in the sack. As you do. Cameran thinks that Randy would be really mellow and all about feelings and emotions. Robin asks what they think about Brad, and explains that she thinks Brad would yell. Or something. I actually have no clue what in the hell Robin was talking about. Jamie thinks that Brad would be like, "Uh-duh, I'm having sex." Hee! Brad is kind of dumb. Robin thinks that Jacquese would slap girls' asses. Or something. Again, I have no clue what Robin was trying to say. She's not the most articulate person. Jamie thinks they don't know anything about Jacquese. And thank God for that. I don't want to think about that Urkel-looking motherfucker doing it. Jamie asks who they think will be the first in the house to have sex, and Robin doesn't know, but thinks that it would take really big balls to be the first. So that leaves out any of the ladies. Except for maybe Robin, who is kind of built like a dude with fake boobs.

The roommates prepare to go out for the evening. Frankie puts a dead cat on her head. Oh, wait. My bad. Frankie puts a piece of rubber tire that she found on the roadside on her head. Wait, what is that? Frankie interviews that sometimes she likes to wear wigs: "It's just another way for me to, like, use my creativity." Because her ridiculous outfits and multicolored eyeshadows don't give her enough to think about? It's called trying way too fucking hard, Frankie. So, shut up. And shut up, Frankie's stupid black Betty Boop shellac shiny wig. It also cracks me up that the editors had to insert an interview with Frankie explaining the wig, because otherwise people would have been like, "The fuck?" Well, viewers still thought that, but for different reasons. Jacquese verifies that Frankie knows how to get to the club, and fails to deliver any clever rejoinder about Frankie's asstastic wig, so I'm disappointed. Cameran interviews that she likes guys with manners. In the bathroom, Cameran tries to get Brad to tuck in his shirt, but Brad says that he wants to be "relaxed and comfortable," so he refuses. Also, how dorky would it look to have a shirt tucked into jeans? In a club? Everyone leaves the house.

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