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So Tired

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So Tired

The next day, Landon and Shavonda wake up together and start kissing. Shavonda interviews that she and Landon are compatible in bed, but that she doesn't know if there's anything deeper, and she doesn't really want to know. They walk to the bathroom together as the camera focuses on Karamo and Ed snuggled in bed together. Shavonda and Landon take a shower together. Ed and Karamo walk into the bathroom. Karamo looks at the shower, confused, and then starts chuckling when he realizes who it is. Shavonda sneaks out, and Landon follows. Karamo interviews that he doesn't care anymore about Shavonda and Landon's relationship, because they are two consenting adults who can do what they want. Maybe Karamo just needed to get laid to mellow out a little bit.

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