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So Tired

Landon and Shavonda walk out of the club, holding hands. Shavonda says that Landon isn't letting her have her freedom. Um, wasn't she the one who left her potential hookup guy to go bug Landon about her lip gloss, or whatever other weak excuse she came up with? Landon says he'll let her go, and doesn't. They walk down the street. Shavonda interviews that she was never going to hook up with any other guys, and that she was bluffing. She wanted to see how far she should go. But she doesn't play games, right?

At home, Shavonda keeps accusing Landon of being mad that she danced with another guy, and Landon really could not care less. Shavonda tries to convince him that he cares, and Landon still doesn't care. Don't get me wrong -- Landon would hook up with Shavonda again in a second if she offered, but I really think he's just as happy to continue bringing random strangers home from clubs. Shavonda interviews that, in the beginning, girls are supposed to try to test things and make boys jealous. We are? I didn't get that memo. I think assholes do that. Or maybe teenagers. But to be in your twenties and still playing those games? Is sad.

Shavonda lies in bed and says that Landon doesn't believe that she could get any boys, which is yet another thing she's accusing him of thinking that he never said. Landon says she could. Shavonda interviews that now that she knows that flirting with other guys gets to Landon, and pushed her limits, she won't do it anymore. Except that I really don't think it got to him. She can tell herself that all she wants, if that's what she needs to get by. But she couldn't have tried any harder to make him jealous, and he couldn't have been less jealous.

Shavonda tries to pull MJ into the argument, as she and Landon lie in bed together. She wants MJ to serve as a witness that she didn't hook up with any guys at the club. MJ says he thought she was kissing someone. Shavonda denies it. MJ thinks they are trying to make each other jealous. Shavonda keeps saying that she didn't kiss any boys, even though no one in the room really cares whether she did or not. But if she accepts that they don't care, then she wouldn't be getting all this attention. Landon is wearing blue boxer shorts, and you can totally see every bit of his bits through the cloth, and it's grossing me out, so that's all I'm going to say about that. Shavonda asks if her lips look flushed and gets all fake-mad that they don't believe her. MJ asks how many girls Landon kissed, and then accuses them both of being whores. Shavonda keeps insisting that she didn't kiss anybody. Give it a rest! Landon is just laughing at her. She's just arguing for the sake of arguing.

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