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So Tired

Karamo and Ed go out to eat. Ed talks about how he has to remember his history and his culture. Karamo interviews that he's dating someone outside his race, which is new for him. Ed says that he didn't learn English until he was ten, and that's why he's focused on getting a degree. Ed asks about Karamo's background. Karamo says he grew up in the suburbs, and that because of his upbringing, he didn't really socialize with his white classmates. Karamo interviews that part of him wants to get to know his roommates, but that part of him is "jaded and really could care less about getting to know them." He adds that Ed is helping him to be more sincere and less jaded. Karamo concludes, "Ed is really, really, really, really helping me." And then we see a shot of them hugging and cuddling, which makes it seem like Ed is helping Karamo get his rocks off, more than anything else.

The roommates go out to a club. Shavonda dances with some guy. Landon dances with some girl. Landon interviews that Shavonda is dancing with a bunch of guys, and that it's fine, and that he plans to have fun too. Shavonda spots Landon grinding with some chick, so she runs over and asks for her lip gloss. Why is Landon carrying her lip gloss? Forget it. I don't want to know. Shavonda, who looks really pretty with her hair straightened and in a ponytail, hangs all over Landon and asks if she's getting in the way of him getting his groove on. Landon says she is, and laughs. Shavonda says she's busy with some guy, and tries to make Landon jealous, but he just laughs at her. I hope Landon hasn't had more than five drinks! Whatever happened to that pledge, anyway? Landon tells Shavonda to go have fun, and she responds, "Don't get mad." Landon says he's not mad, and I totally believe it. He looks more like Shavonda's games amuse him, but that he's just as happy to hook up with random grinding chick as he is to hook up with Shavonda. Landon says that they should both "go work it," and meet up when they get home. Shavonda whispers something in Landon's ear, and asks if he's going to bring other girls home. Landon says that he'd rather hook up with Shavonda, and she agrees. They kiss. So tired of them.

MJ watches the whole thing with bemusement. He interviews that there are "a whole lotta games between Landon and Shavonda right now," and that while they both act like they don't care about each other hooking up, they really do.

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