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Once they get inside, Karamo introduces Ed to Landon and MJ, and they all shake hands. MJ interviews that it's interesting to him that Karamo doesn't approve of Landon and Shavonda's interracial relationship, but then he brings home Ed, "who is obviously not black." Ed and Karamo head upstairs. Shavonda interviews, "I don't know what Ed is, but I know that he's not black." The editors throw in some mariachi music while Ed and Karamo get ready for bed. Classy! See, because he's Puerto Rican! And all people of Latin descent love the mariachis! So offensive.

Landon runs up to Sarah and whispers something to her, and Sarah says that Ed is Hispanic. Landon interviews that Ed is Puerto Rican, but that he looks white, so Karamo is full of crap. I have to guess that Karamo did a lot more talking about only dating black people than we've seen, if everyone is all up in arms about this. Or everyone assumed that he would be against it. Karamo's talked a lot about respecting your culture, but not as much about dating outside your race that I can recall. Anyway, Ed and Karamo make out and then take a shower together. Landon interviews, "Ed is just another shining example of something Karamo said he'd never do, and he definitely has." While I applaud the play on words, Landon might want to dial down the smug factor. If Karamo never said he wouldn't date someone Puerto Rican, Landon is wrong. And if Karamo did say that, but has now changed his mind, maybe Landon might want to encourage that instead of gloating about it.

Willie, Sarah, and Shavonda go on the subway. Willie asks when Karamo said he hated Shavonda. Sarah says it was yesterday, and that he said it repeatedly, so he wasn't joking around. Willie asks, "Why?" Sarah interviews that Karamo can't stand the fact that Landon and Shavonda had sex, and that he's just looking for an excuse to hate her. Shavonda says that Karamo already said he was jealous of her relationship with Landon and MJ. Shavonda adds that Karamo thought she would hang out with him, and now she's hanging out with the other guys. Willie asks if it's an interracial thing. Sarah says she thinks Karamo uses the interracial thing to cover the fact that it's more personal than that. Willie points out that Karamo is dating a Puerto Rican. Sarah agrees that it doesn't make sense, and that she doesn't appreciate him hating on Shavonda in front of her. Willie says that it's one thing to dislike someone, and it's a different thing to hate him or her. Sarah says that since Karamo said he wanted to slit Landon's throat and started spewing hate, it's harder for her to be friends with him. She concludes, "He's angry. He's a very angry person."

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