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So Tired

Landon asks Shavonda how her phone call went. She says that it went fine. He shows her some photographs from Fiji on the computer. Landon interviews that Fiji is romantic, and an experience he'll never forget, but now he's not sure that hooking up with Shavonda was a good thing. MJ interviews that it'll be interesting to see what happens with Landon and Shavonda's relationship now. Landon and Shavonda go to bed, separately.

Shavonda and Landon sit in the office and stare at each other. Landon says that he told everyone before the trip that they would hook up, and he even told Shavonda that they would. Shavonda claims that she doesn't remember. Landon talks about how perfect the night was. Shavonda says that she doesn't know if she regrets it. Landon interviews that it doesn't make him feel very good to hear Shavonda say that, and that he doesn't know if she's trying to distance herself. Shavonda says that she's uncomfortable even talking about it, and that she didn't want things to get this serious. Yes, let's just ignore the elephant in the room and it might go away! Landon tells Shavonda that the future of their relationship is completely up to her, and that he'll respect whatever decision she makes. Shavonda says she enjoyed what they had in Fiji, and Landon asks if she wants to leave it there. Shavonda says that she doesn't know. What she wants is to keep hooking up with Landon, but then be able to return to Shaun when the show wraps. She just can't say that because she knows it's shitty and unrealistic to expect.

Karamo dances with a dude at a club and voice-overs, "Ed is one of my Puerto Rican friends." That's a weird way to say it. Like Karamo has a ton of Puerto Rican friends, and Ed is one of them? Or he has a ton of friends of different nationalities and ethnicities, and Ed fills the Puerto Rican slot? Just weird. In a confessional, Karamo explains that Ed is "more hip-hop culture" because he's Puerto Rican. What? How is that not racist? You know those Puerto Ricans. They all live in cities and listen to hip-hop. Whatever, Karamo.

In the club, Willie dances with his friends while Karamo and Ed sit in a booth and talk. Karamo says that it's nice to hang out with someone besides Willie's friends, because while he likes them, "they're all white queens." Even Willie? Karamo adds that he's "used to a little more hip-hop." Ed and Karamo dance together and then start making out in the bathroom. Ew! Gross. They leave together and return to the house.

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