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So Tired

Shavonda calls Shaun, and he's really exited to hear from her. Hopefully, they talk a little about the trip before she launches into her confession. And Shaun, all insecure, asks her to say that she thought about him, and that she missed him, and that she loves him. If you have to ask like that, she didn't, dude. Shavonda lies anyway. Shavonda interviews that she thought Shaun made her happy, but now she doesn't know. Shavonda says that things are changing, and that she doesn't know if she can talk to him about it, because it involves him. She says that she's really confused and doesn't know what's best for her. Shaun asks if she's saying that he's not best for her. Shavonda isn't sure. Shaun says that she's scaring him. Shavonda keeps saying that she doesn't know, when she clearly does know and just doesn't want to say.

Shaun finally asks if she kissed anyone while she was in Fiji. Shavonda admits that she kissed Landon. Shaun asks if anything else happened. Shavonda is silent. Shaun asks if she had sex with Landon. Shavonda is silent. Shaun asks again. Shavonda is still silent. Dude, just say something! Shaun takes her silence as a yes. Shavonda says that she didn't want to tell him. Shaun can't believe she's throwing away their relationship. Shavonda protests that she still loves him and wants to be with him, but that she has feelings for someone else too. Shaun tells her that she can't have it all, and now she's lost him. Oh, right. He'll be crawling back in about a day. I don't know why, but he will.

Landon asks Melanie why Karamo is pissed. Melanie says that it's not because Shavonda hooked up with Landon in particular. Landon asks if Karamo is upset that Shavonda is doing this to Shaun. Melanie says that's exactly it, and that she asked Karamo if it was because Landon is white, or just because he's Landon, and Karamo said no. Landon interviews that he thinks Karamo's anger is caused by a little bit of everything -- Shavonda's relationship with Shaun, the interracial thing, and jealousy over the interruption to Karamo and Shavonda's friendship. Landon tells Melanie that he has a gut feeling that Karamo's anger is partly due to jealousy, judging by the looks Karamo has been giving him. Melanie keeps saying that Karamo's not mad at Landon, when he clearly is. He wanted to slit Landon's throat! Even jokingly, but still. Melanie says again that Karamo doesn't blame Landon -- he blames Shavonda. Blames her for what, though? For breaking up with Shaun, who seems like kind of a weenie? And I still don't get why that's Karamo's business. Anyway.

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