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So Tired

Still in Fiji! The producers are really stretching this vacation out, probably because it was the site of an intrahouse hookup. Oh, now the roommates are on a plane going home. And now they're at the airport. And now they're at the baggage carousel. And now they're stopping for a Cinnabon. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but do we really need to see every second of their trip home? I think we get it. The vacation is over. Give us one transition scene, and we've got it. Landon and Shavonda walk through the airport with their arms over each other's shoulders. In a confessional, Shavonda says that Fiji was awesome, and she got closer to some roommates (Landon) and further apart from others (Karamo). She admits that she also hooked up with Landon.

Karamo speaks passionately to Melanie regarding his feelings on Landon and Shavonda's hookup. Karamo says that he's reminded Shavonda that Shaun will be seeing her exploits on television, and that she has to think about how that will make him feel "when he's with his boys and talking about this girl he loves, when he sees [Shavonda] in Fiji kissing [Landon], and then on the last night before, having sex!" Well, if Shavonda cared that much about Shaun's feelings, then she wouldn't have suggested a more open relationship. And how he handles "his boys" is his problem. Hee! "Handles his boys." And finally, how is any of this Karamo's problem? When did Karamo become Shaun's best friend? Clearly, there's something more going on for Karamo, that he won't admit. Because I really doubt that someone like Karamo, who treated Dorian like crap, can argue the sanctity of the monogamous relationship. So it's either that Shavonda is female, and he doesn't think she should be having sex on national television, or that Shavonda is black and Landon is white. Or maybe Karamo has other issues. Who knows?

Karamo interviews that Shavonda is "slutting herself out," and that while he would never say that about "a sister," he will say it about Shavonda. So sleeping with boys in Fiji makes Shavonda like a white girl? With each week, I understand Karamo's thought processes less and less. And I realize part of it is that I'm a straight white girl from a small rural town, and he's pretty much the opposite of that, but usually I can at least understand where someone is coming from, even if I don't agree. And Karamo? I just don't get it. Melanie says she's going to ask Shavonda if she's going to tell Shaun. And again, none of Melanie's business. How can Melanie justify asking that question with anything besides "I'm nosy"? I mean, own it. If you're just curious for the gossip factor, at least admit that's the case. But don't pretend you're doing it for the goodness of Shavonda's relationship or something.

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