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So Long, Farewell…

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So Long, Farewell...

Colin says goodbye to Justin in their room, and says that he knows how hard it is when people are sick, and that he would leave too under similar circumstances, and he wishes Justin luck. That was kind of nice.

In a voice-over, Colin tells us that he doesn't know who is lying, Justin or Tet Girl, and that they probably both are to some extent. But, it is good to have both sides of the argument so he doesn't look at one of them as evil and the other as a saint, since he realizes they're both screwed up.

Tet Girl comes into Justin's room and asks if he is leaving today, and he says that he is, and she's all shocked. This week, people are either talking behind others' backs, or they're shocked. Sometimes both at the same time. Tet Girl begins to question Justin as to exactly who is dying, and when they will die, and I want Justin to say, "What am I? The Grim Reaper?" but he doesn't. Instead, he says that for her to second guess him is damning in his book because she knows him better than anyone and she knows firsthand what that kind of loss is about. Tet Girl gives Justin some pictures and a note and he kind of glances at them and then sticks them on a shelf in his closet. She grabs them and sticks them in his bag. This whole scene was very weirdly edited -- first Justin would be wearing a hat, then not. Glasses, no glasses. What's that about? In a confessional, Tet Girl tells us that she can only offer so much friendship, and based on her actions this episode, that amount is none.

Justin looks out at the ocean and says that he doesn't say goodbyes, and instead dips in and out, and that he is leaving on a note of being mystified by the house. I find it strange that whenever someone on the show wants to refer to "the project," he or she always says the house, as if the house is a sentient being. Just thought I would point that out.

Justin walks through the house and in each room we see a flashback from earlier this season: Justin holding Ruthie up in the shower, Tet Girl showing him a picture of her dad in a locket, Teck asking him if he's gay the second he walked in the door, his fight with WB over "heterocentricity". For some reason, these memories are in black and white. Ooh, arty. Justin's final speech is this: "I feel like I have been pretty honest because I'm not afraid to show the nastier sides, the smaller sides, because in the end I like myself. I never said I wasn't a work in progress." Then they show the scene from the first episode where Tet Girl tells him he just got there and he is already aching to get out, and he gets in a cab and does just that. Moreover, while I am sad that Justin is leaving the show, because he is still my favorite, I have to wonder why no one would give him a damn ride to the airport.

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