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So Long, Farewell…

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So Long, Farewell...

Wonder Bread makes his first appearance of the episode (and he's wearing THAT SHIRT!) as Justin wanders in and asks if he's seen Tet Girl. Anyway, WB points out that Justin has distanced himself and when he returns, he returns to cruelty and cold shoulders.

Justin is on the phone with his mom again, and he finds out that his great-aunt has pancreatic cancer, and that she is dying quickly. He cries in a confessional as he talks about his great-aunt, and what a special person she was. He reveals that he and Tet Girl had brainstormed ways for him to leave the house and that now he's ashamed that he has to leave the house due to family illness -- it's ironic given that he wanted to make such a big bang.

Justin tells WB that he is leaving on Friday (which must be soon, as WB is shocked). Justin stresses that he wants to spend time with Tet Girl and WB before he leaves. I don't really get why, since he was never really friends with WB at all, but whatever. WB acts mad that Justin is leaving.

Justin packs. WB continues his trend of not being able to keep a secret, and tells Colin that Justin is leaving. Justin enters the kitchen to throw something out, and as he leaves, Colin makes a remark about "musical chairs of roommates" [sic] and Justin turns around and asks WB if he told Colin. WB says that he did, and Justin says he kind of wanted to tell everyone himself. Colin asks why Justin is leaving, and he says that four of his family members are sick. Annoying totally eavesdrops on the conversation while pretending to do needlepoint. In a confessional, Justin tells us that a big part of him wants to see this through and a big part of him loves Hawaii, but another part of him doesn't feel right about being there anymore. Insert your own big part joke here.

Annoying says that if there are people in the hospital, then that's terrible, but if it's not true, then that's shady because it's an easy ticket out of there. I'm thinking, aren't they all free to leave whenever they choose? I mean, sure, that means they don't get their handsome reward or whatever, but it's not like they're shackled to the lounge chairs. As Justin continues packing, he and Colin joke that Colin can have the bottom bunk now.

Justin and WB, in a completely unforeseeable twist, go out to lunch. Justin says he had a long talk about Tet Girl with Colin. (Remember earlier when I said this whole episode consisted of various castmates talking about other castmates? I wasn't kidding). WB observes that it sounds like Justin is saying that Tet Girl told Colin lies, and Justin replies that he feels exploited, and used, and that his trust has been broken by the one person he invested time in during his tenure in Hawaii, and that he doesn't want to talk to her before he leaves, and he doesn't know if he'll keep in touch. Of course, I heard that Justin and Kaia were spotted at opening night of The Blair Witch Project in NYC together, but that's just a rumor. Meanwhile, WB is dressed all in black and yet, he wears white socks. With black sneakers.

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