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So Long, Farewell…

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So Long, Farewell...

Justin talks to Teck (in Teck's first appearance this week) and says that he hopes Tet Girl is OK because she was acting kind of strange earlier. In a confessional, Teck says that in India, Kaia spent a lot of time with Justin and found out some things she might not have liked. You think? Because they haven't quite hammered this point home enough for my taste. What I really need is for Kaia to say they have reached a halting point. Oh wait, she just did. Anyway, Teck tells Justin that maybe Tet Girl wanted some privacy, and that she's "doing a Justin." He cracks himself up with that one, but Justin is not laughing.

In Kauai, Annoying writes in her journal and Colin reads it aloud as they sit on the beach. I swear, Annoying dots her I's with little hearts. Anyway, Colin pretends to read, "I never thought I would have this ongoing crush on Colin" and then says, "I can't believe you wrote all that!" Annoying says, "I also wrote 'I can't believe that Colin came out of the closet to me last night. I can't believe he's gay.'" Colin says, "Not many people can." That Amaya should be a stand-up comedian. She says, "It's so pretty here" and Colin says, "You're so pretty" and she replies, "Don't say things you don't mean" and then I think they are going to kiss, but of course they have both said like a million times that this is not a romantic trip. I still think they slept together though. Just not in a romantic way.

Justin says he keeps trying to work around Tet Girl's schedule and find a moment together. To illustrate this point, the editors choose a video clip of Justin sitting on the wall and then Tet Girl walks into the yard with three guys and says, "There's the ocean" in case they missed it, but ignores Justin, who slips over the side of the wall and runs away. The only problem is that in this clip, Justin had brown hair and thus it was clearly from earlier in the season. Maybe they should pay the person who used to blur the nudity to digitally correct Justin's hair color in such situations. I mean, that person hasn't been too busy lately.

Colin and Annoying return from Kauai. In a pointless scene, Colin and Tet Girl talk about how positive and happy they feel in the house these days.

Colin and Annoying are in the yard, arguing over who should sit in the hammock. Justin comes out and asks if they've seen Tet Girl and they say no. Frankly, if he had not already decided to leave, I'm sure the irritation of those two wrestling in the hammock would have pushed him over the edge. The only thing that kept me from turning off the tape in disgust was the captioning saying "Amaya squeals" and I pictured her as a little pig and then I was able to go on.

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