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So Long, Farewell…

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So Long, Farewell...

In an interview, Annoying yells, "How dare somebody manipulate us and make yourself [sic] look good and the rest of us look like schmucks?" The funny thing about it is, she just described what the producers of the show do every week.

Back on cable access, Annoying rubs her hands together and says, "I will get him. He's going down in a very subtle manner and it will surprise him." First, I refuse to believe that Annoying is capable of subtlety on any level. Second, the fact that she mirrored Justin's phrase from last episode further convinces me that she was shown that tape. It's a conspiracy, y'all. Anyway, Colin shows some sense when he says, "It's not worth it for him to be here unless things are going on, so just act normal and hope he leaves." Or the producers told him to say that. One or the other. As we got to commercial, we are left with the chilling sight of Annoying saying to the camera, "He will be very upset that he ever messed with any of us." Ooh, scary. I was referring to her eyeshadow though, not her threat.

As we return from commercial, we get a gratuitous shot of someone's butt crack while he's riding a bike. Gee, thanks. Annoying is whining about how heavy her bag is as she enters the airport. She tells us she's going to Kauai with Colin (in case we developed amnesia since she told us the first time, ten minutes ago). As Colin goes through some doors about a mile ahead of her, she yells out, "You know what would be sweet, is if you waited for me." To whom, exactly, is she talking? He can't hear her.

Colin says that it is good to get away from the house and their housemates, and to show himself that he can get along with Annoying. He doesn't want this trip to be romantic; instead, he wants it to start their friendship off on the right foot. As he is saying this, they land and get off the plane.

The dastardly duo has stopped on the side of the road, apparently to take a hike. Annoying points out that her name should be Bianca because she is carrying a purse on the hike. I don't really get that, but whatever. She is also wearing platform sandals and they are hurting her feet, yet instead of taking them off and walking barefoot, she soldiers on while Colin laughs at her. She observes that she's walking like a little old lady with a poop in her pants, and Colin laughs some more, because poop is funny.

Justin talks to Tet Girl in the van, and it's a very awkward conversation because she is pretty much ignoring him. In a voice-over, she tells us that they have come to a "halting point" in their relationship. In a confessional, Justin tells us that he doesn't seek out anyone's company in the house, except possibly Kaia's. Back in the van, Justin asks her out for coffee and she says she needs to stay in and do some thinking and some writing. Oh dear God, no! Please tell me she isn't preparing for another open-mike poetry reading! In a confessional, Tet Girl tells us that she needed to step away from Justin.

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