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So Long, Farewell…

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So Long, Farewell...

Previously, on The Real World, Justin told Tetanus Girl, "We've got to have some fun. There are ways of having fun that are cool." Then he said that Annoying makes him sick (join the club) and "the bitch is going down." Next, he told Colin that Annoying is fucked in the head. Colin said he was having second thoughts about Amaya because he talked to some other people about their relationship. Annoying said, "Who?" Cut to shot of Justin laughing evilly and roll credits. Why didn't the editors have him twirl his mustache and kick a dog while they were at it?

Annoying is talking to her friend Pam on the phone, and is relating what happened in India. Annoying says that Colin just suddenly started being mean to her. Meanwhile, Colin eavesdrops on the conversation. Annoying then says that she is going to Kauai with Colin. Pam and I say, "What? You just got done telling us how mean he was to you and now you're going on vacation together?" Annoying says she already paid her $100 so she's going to go. Then she says she's going to have a chat with someone. I don't know why she can't say she's going to have a chat with Colin. Why is it a secret? In addition, when she says, "chat," she scrunches up her face in this grating way she totally would not have done if the cameras weren't there.

Annoying and Colin are having their "chat" out on the wall. Annoying says she doesn't understand where Colin got his attitude during their trip. Colin suddenly figures out what happened, and tells her that Justin and Tet Girl told him that Annoying is too dependent on him. Also, if he weren't in her life, she'd be acting the same way toward whatever guy was available. I find that to be an accurate assessment, and it's pretty much what I've been saying all along. Regardless, Annoying is stunned! She says that Justin told her she is better than Colin is and that she should be more independent. Colin says, "Unlike me, you probably let that stuff affect you." He totally let it affect him! I really hope he's kidding. It was hard to tell. Colin goes on to say, "I don't give a [bleep] what he says," which is patently untrue. In a confessional, Colin wonders, "Why would Justin want to create fights in paradise?"

Okay, I have this to say about that whole exchange. First, I don't think Colin and Annoying are smart enough to figure that out on their own. These people couldn't figure out how to start a gas grill. As far as we know, when they had their "chat," Colin had not yet talked to Tet Girl about Justin. So why did Colin suddenly reconsider and decide to divulge what really happened? My theory is that someone on the production staff showed the tapes to Colin to stir up a storyline, since after Ruthie's departure things got a little dull. Supporting this theory is the fact that Colin and Annoying were giggling throughout their conversation. If they were as upset as they claimed to be, would they be laughing? Also, it seemed really staged when Annoying set up the premise as they sat down. Of course, to me she always sounds like she's reading from a script, so who knows?

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