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Snake Eyes

Previously on Real World: Brad spent the night in the drunk tank. Twice. Everyone got annoyed with Robin for all her excuses, especially Frankie.

Cameran and Robin sit outside Santana's (home of the famous sick-making burrito) in their work uniforms and wait for the other roommates to come and pick them up for work. Inside the SUV, Jamie tells Brad that they have to pick up Robin and Cameran, and Brad is annoyed that they went out to eat in the first place, since they have to be at work shortly. Back at Santana's, Robin fears they might not be picked up. Cameran says it's not their fault if they are late for work in that case, and Robin jokes that she's sure that it'll be her fault somehow. The SUV pulls up, and Brad lays on the horn and yells at the girls to get in the car. Totally not sensing the group's vibe, Robin and Cameran are all giggly about it, when everyone else is stone-faced. Robin complains that no one would drive her to get a burrito this morning, and she can't drive herself for some reason. Frankie says that Robin should have just eaten at the house, and Robin protests that they had an hour. Frankie points out that it's not enough time to go out and come back, so it inconvenienced everyone. Jamie is sitting in the back looking like she's about to have a meltdown because they're late for work again.

Boss Brian explains the bonus situation. The roommates have to prove that they can take the boat out and run a charter while working as a team. Brad interviews that they're looking at an extra $150. Each? Because I'm about to get my sail on for that money. Cameran clarifies that if one person screws up, they don't get the bonus. Brad says that they're a team, and Frankie bitches, "Except for Robin." Robin looks pissed but remains silent. Robin interviews that she didn't do anything to Frankie but try to be her friend. Jacquese whispers to Frankie and asks why she said that. Frankie responds that she knows she's being a bitch, but she's tired of Robin. Frankie interviews that she's fed up with Robin out of all her roommates because of her "princess attitude." I interpret that as "Robin sometimes takes attention away from me, so I hate her." Frankie repeats that she's done with Robin.

At the house, Jacquese asks Brad, Randy, and Robin if they're still on for Jell-O wrestling. Robin says she shouldn't be involved because she might get too aggressive. Jacquese asks if Robin wants to fight Frankie, and Robin insists that she's fine with Frankie. Brad thinks that Robin and Frankie should be the main event. Robin is perplexed about why everyone says that she and Frankie are on the outs, which leads me to believe that all of Frankie's tough talk has been behind Robin's back. Jacquese pervs, "I would love to see Robin and Frankie Jell-O wrestle. Not for me and my personal enjoyment, but just basically for them to get out their frustrations." Brad jokes that Frankie would probably pull a shank. Is she a prisoner in Oz? Robin asks if Frankie doesn't like her. Jacquese lies that he's just calling it like he sees it, and Brad yells out, "Of course she don't like you!" Robin laughs. Brad interviews that the conflict between Robin and Frankie is because Robin is "a cheerleader chick on speed" and Frankie's a "chilled-out punk rocker chick." Robin says that Frankie is always giving people the evil eye. Randy says that Frankie gives Robin the evil eye because she doesn't like her. Robin protests that she didn't do anything to Frankie.

Cameran, Jamie, and Frankie eat lunch. Jamie says that she thinks they should get a pet, and Cameran wonders what the most annoying pet would be. Why would you purposely pick out an annoying pet? These people are just complete enigmas to me. Jamie suggests a bird, and Cameran agrees. Frankie sits there and contemplates how she could turn this around to be all about her. At the pet store, Cameran thinks the birds are annoying. They spot a giant turtle, and the pet store employee lets them feed the turtle a melon. They check out a baby turtle, which pees all over Jamie's hand. Jamie keeps squeaking, "Pee pee! Pee pee!" I used to think Jamie didn't appear on the show that much because she's drama-free, but now I'm thinking that she's just really dull and not too bright.

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