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There is no Most Awesome Thing this week, but there will be two next week, in honor of the season finale! Enjoy the recap.

The roommates are at work on the boat. Robin says that she wants to take her day off tomorrow, and Brad points out that she'll lose the bonus for them all. Jamie and Brad say that they both need the money. Robin interviews that the bonus is a group effort, and that if any one roommate screws up, no one gets the bonus. Robin, Jamie, and Brad agree that they need to get back to getting bonuses again.

After the boat is docked, Troy makes a speech about how well things went. He details what time they all need to be there on the weekend. Troy mentions that Charlie is trying to get out of work on Sunday. Charlie interviews that he's seeing a girl named Laura for a few months, and that she is coming to visit this weekend. And that's really all that's said about Charlie's potential time off.

On the way home, Cameran wonders what Laura would say when asked if she was Charlie's girlfriend. Charlie begs Cameran not to ask. Charlie interviews that his relationship is good right now. Charlie says that he honestly doesn't know the status of their relationship. In response to Cameran's questions, Charlie says that he tells Laura that he loves her, and she says that she loves him, but he doesn't know if they are dating. Charlie thinks that Cameran is adding stress to the situation. Randy and Brad laugh at him.

Charlie goes home and showers, and then drives to the airport. As he's driving to the airport, he talks to Laura, who has just arrived. Charlie interviews that he's excited to see Laura, because things are going well with them so far. Laura gets into the car, and she's really beautiful. Way prettier than I thought Charlie could pull. Charlie tells Laura that he's decided not to go to work the next day, and Laura says that he'll get fired. Charlie interviews that Laura is only there for two days, so there's no way he's going to miss out on one minute of her visit.

Back home, Robin brings a cake out onto the porch for Cameran's birthday. Cameran starts screeching and carrying on like she just won a new car on The Price is Right. What is wrong with her? Cameran blows out the candles. Jamie interviews that Cameran is twenty. Cameran keeps blowing and blowing and Robin finally admits that they are trick candles. Cameran must be on something, because they next thing you know, she has her face in the cake, chowing down. She picks frosting out of her nose and then pretends that she's going to throw the entire cake in Brad's face.

Charlie and Laura arrive at the house. Cameran licks cake off her hands and stares at Brad, threatening to throw the cake on him. Brad wards her off with a chair, like a lion tamer. Brad runs into the house and bumps into Robin's boyfriend Mike, who is talking to Charlie and Laura. Brad warns them about Cameran, and then shakes Laura's hand. Brad walks back towards the doors, and Cameran swears on their friendship that she's not going to hit him with the cake. So, of course, thirty seconds later, she smashes the cake into Brad's face. Brad picks frosting out of his ear as Cameran screams that she wins and she's the queen. Wow, you fooled Brad. Congratulations. What an accomplishment.

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