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Skull Fracture

Is it just me, or does it seem like the seasons on this show, while coming fast and furious, are less memorable? Like I just opened up this file to start recapping and it made me think about the previous season and...nothing. The only thing I really remember is crazy Frankie and Brad and Randy dressing up like Super Mario Brothers. And until this very moment, I forgot Jacquese existed. And I also just wrote this whole paragraph and then realized that the Philadelphia season was the most recent one, not San Diego. See what I mean? It just ended a few months ago! I know, I know. Shut up, old lady, and get to the recapping.

We open on the exterior of a small house in Billerica, Massachusetts at night. Inside, Danny, age twenty-one, is saying goodbye to his extended family. He voice-overs that one of his sisters is in medical school, and his other sister is an RN, and he's "banging nails." We see a clip for Danny's audition tape, in which he walk on a roof and explains that he builds houses with his dad. He voice-overs that it's going to be a great experience to get out of town, but that he will miss his family. His dad drives him to the airport. Danny voice-overs that his parents are divorced, and that he doesn't really get along with his mother. He thinks it'll be tough to say goodbye to his dad, because they spend every day together, but that he knows that his father wants the best for him. They hug goodbye, and Danny boards the plane. He interviews that he wants something new and different, and that he hopes to find it in Texas. He adds that he won't miss the snow.

Austin. Danny arrives at the airport and finds an old Santa Claus-looking dude outside holding a piece of notebook paper that reads "Danny." They couldn't spring for an actual sign, or at least one printed out from a computer? Lame. Danny interviews that he didn't know what to expect from Texas, and thought he might see guys on horseback wearing cowboy hats. Yes, just like how, in Massachusetts, everyone wears tricorne hats and knee breeches and dumps tea in the harbor. Actually, that would be pretty awesome. Danny befriends the cabbie, who was clearly paid to get Danny talking. Danny interviews that he thinks it's a great thing that he's there. Did I mention that Danny is super-cute? He's cute.

Rachel, age twenty-one, is from Valencia, California. She interviews that she's a nurse in the Army, and that she was sent to Iraq on the day after the President announced that we would be sending troops in. She adds that she was scared, and knew it would be hard work.

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