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She's With The Band

Previously on The Real World: Tonya and Theo arrived at the apartment and totally hated it. Theo thought Aneesa was ugly. Cara has always been single, and is now looking for a steady boyfriend. Theo marched in the Gay Pride Parade. Chris joined him. Or it might actually be the opposite of all that.

The roommates decide to take in the lovely sights at the beaches of Lake Michigan. All of the women wear bikinis. Cara (who, as suggested by 300_Spartans, will be known as Cara Jessica Parker -- but to adjust to my laziness factor, will be referred to in the recaps as CJP) introduces herself to a dude named Jason. In an interview, Keri explains that this is the first time Cara has been single and able to meet and greet. CJP digs Jason. Aneesa encourages CJP to give Jason her number, but CJP isn't sure how to accomplish that. She finally writes it down and hands it to him, acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation. CJP is super-super-skinny. Much like SJP. Thus the name. CJP explains how nervous she was to give Jason her number. He programs it into his cell phone. Is that what the kids do these days?

On the El, CJP tells Chris that she feels "so lame" because she still gets a self-esteem boost from having men like her. She thinks it was one thing when she was fifteen, but now she should "get over it." Chris recovery-speaks that she needs to "heal that issue" and "correct that behavior" before it becomes a pattern. CJP knows that she should be able to find confidence in herself, or in her friends and family. Okay, really just herself. Anyway, she thinks that the first step is breaking up with Jared, and I'm sorry, but every time she says his name, I just think of the formerly fat Subway dude and it makes me laugh. In an interview, CJP explains that she broke up with Jared because she was moving to a new city and needed to try being alone. Chris asks if things are awkward when she talks to Jared. CJP says that they are sometimes, but other times things are nice and friendly.

At home, CJP talks to Jared on the phone while cleaning her nails. She tells him that she's looking at "the three-month picture." Wait, did they take photos on each of their monthly anniversaries? Because that's kind of sappy. And then when she says "three-month picture," he immediately knows which one she's talking about. Jared asks the point of breaking up. CJP says that she didn't want to be that serious. Jared asks if she's looking for something better. CJP says that she doesn't think that there necessarily is someone better than him, but that she doesn't want to be married. Jared? Run away. You are clearly ready to settle down. She is not. You can't force her to be. You are the one who can do better, by finding someone who is in agreement with you in terms of the type of relationship you want. CJP explains that she wants to date and not be tied down to one person. Tonya walks over and sets a piece of paper down next to CJP, for some reason. Is Tonya feeding her lines?

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