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So, Aaron, still reeling from the horror of being exposed as a male model, plots his revenge! Mwaahhahahahahahaha! Sort of. Actually, he, Glen, and Jon are plotting to play a little practical joke on Dom, consisting basically of making Dom think his car has been towed, when, in reality, it's just been moved. I know djb thinks Boston is boring, but my GOD. If I wanted to watch a bunch of twenty-year-old boys play pool and plan pranks, I'd move into the upstairs room at Q's Billiards and eavesdrop during Pint Nite.

Anyway, the crux of the plan is that Aaron will distract Dom, steal his keys, and pawn them off to Jon, who will do the moving of the car. Glen's role? Stand around and look vacant. Can he pull it off? Wait and see!

But see, Dom doesn't put his keys down on the kitchen table when he comes in, as Aaron had hoped. He holds onto them! HORRORS! Numerous, interminable shots of Dom playing with his keys as Aaron desperately makes small talk. You know he's running of out subjects when he offers his opinion on Glen: "He's hilarious." Dom: "Glen?!" I love you, Dom.

Anyway, Dom finally abandons the keys when he goes upstairs to get ready for a date. Jon snags them and runs outside. Aaron explains that, "to make it worse," they told Dom that a truck was blocking someone downstairs on the street, and asked him if they ought to have it towed, and Dom said yes! A shot of Glen, with his date, in the pool room, saying "tow his ass!" Oh, the humanity. Glen, on the stairs, is desperate for a piece of this high-larious prankster action. "I'm going to get the license plate," he explains, extremely seriously. Dom rolls his eyes.

Aaron clues Dom's date, Sunny, into the plan, and asks her to keep him upstairs while they move the car. Sunny smirks.

The car moved, the boys gather on the roof to watch their prank unfold. Aaron is, like, beside himself with glee. "I love this!" he squeals, and runs his hands through his hair. "I love it!" Glen is hiding behind a bush to watch the shenanigans, which seems a bit much, since they are already on the roof, three stories up, and behind a fence. But, whatever. Who am I to complain about Glen obscuring his face from my sight?

In the street, Dom is, naturally, wondering where his car is. Sunny is extremely poker-faced. Props, Sunny.

On the roof, the boys chortle. Later, they'll celebrate by giving each other atomic wedgies and noogies, and then maybe they'll TP old Mrs. Gunderson's house!

"You're SCREWED," Sunny tells Dom, downstairs. Dom looks perturbed, and says he's going to check the alley.

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