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She So Crazy

Seagulls fly. A man rows a boat. The water. Pier 70. Lindsay stands in the doorway and says goodbye to everyone, because she's going tanning. After she's already out the door, Stephen promises to "massage [her] when she gets back." Irene asks Stephen whether he gives massages. In an interview, Stephen says that Irene "lives her entire life like a comic strip." I'm not sure what that even means. Suddenly, Janet is there too, and Irene says that she will marry Stephen if he cooks, because she wants a husband who cooks and cleans. So do we all, Irene. So do we all. Stephen says that he does cook, and Irene says that she'll have to marry him, and that he can have "affairs on the side." With men? Whoops, did I say that out loud? Irene says that she just wants her "dinner and clean sheets." Stephen tells Irene that she wants "a bitch," not a husband. Yeah, you can pay people to do that, Irene. Well, you can pay people to do just about anything, if you have a high enough bank balance and low enough standards. But you know what I mean. She'd be better off marrying someone for love and then hiring a maid. That's what I'm saying. In an interview, Stephen says that he and Irene "have connected [their] cosmic energy in the last couple of weeks." Yeah, that'll last.

I guess I should point out here that this is the "Irene is crazy" episode. And while I'm not trying to say that Irene was in perfect mental health, I don't think she was as crazy as the editors would like you to believe. So I'm going to point out what I think are significant edits and misrepresentations, because I know that I didn't see most of them when I first watched this season. And it's bad. Of all the seasons that I have recapped, the editing in this episode is the most ridiculous.

At the radio station, Rebecca and Stephen greet Kelsey, the REI chick who took them to Nepal. Stephen voice-overs that he "left [his] heart in Nepal." Along with his tact, because he was all yelling at Janet about wearing makeup while they had dinner at some locals' house. Stephen can't wait to "cut the REI spots." The what? Oh yeah. That was ostensibly the reason they went there in the first place -- so that they could make commercials for REI. Stephen asks Rebecca whether she brought the tapes. Kelsey asks him if he's kidding. Stephen isn't. He assures her that the tapes are in their house somewhere. Stephen hurries back to the house and looks in the boys' incredibly messy room for the tapes. Nathan wanders through -- scratching his head and looking more like a hick than he has this whole season, and that's saying something. Stephen asks whether he's seen the tapes, and Nathan hasn't. Stephen finally finds the tapes, which were "right next to the nudie book." Nathan really could not care less. The tapes are all in a plastic bag. Why wouldn't they keep these irreplaceable tapes at the radio station? I don't know.

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