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She Puts The "Rachel" In "Cocktease"

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Back at the warehouse, Wes throws a basketball at the wall while talking to Erik, who leans out of an upstairs interior window. Wes announces that they're reserving the VIP room at the "R-Bar," and that they're going to call every girl in their "groupie drawer," the ones who have been "riding [their] nuts," and get them to come down to the club. Neh is laughing somewhere, and Rachel is standing right behind Wes, aghast. Wes camera-ghosts that he feels bad for Erik, since nice guys finish last, and therefore he and Neh want to show Erik a good time. Wes tells Erik that it will be a "vagina-fest." Well, at least he didn't say "Vaginapalooza." That's something. Wes tells Erik just not to tell Rachel, and Rachel reveals she's standing right behind Wes. He pretend he didn't know, and Rachel doesn't get that, so she calls him an "idiot" and says she's been standing there for five minutes. Erik jokes that he'll make sure not to tell Rachel. It's fun to watch Rachel forced to lie in the bed she just made. Much more fun than watching her actually in bed, that's for sure.

Neh and Wes dig through a list of girlie phone numbers.

Phone room. Neh and Wes make phone calls as Erik watches. Wes tells Erik that he called a sorority girl and told her Erik is the head of development for a reality show about sorority girls, and that she should bring ten girls to the bar where Erik will be holding a mini-tryout. Erik laughs, excited.

Rachel then bitches to Erik that just because she said they're on break, he's now going to go "hog wild" in front of her? Erik loses once again by not saying, "Yeah! I'm having me a vagina-fest!" Instead, he says that it wasn't his idea. She says that she hasn't been disrespectful of him, and that it hurts her to see him with other girls. He counters that they decided to be honest with each other, and that this is what happens when you've broken up. Rachel whines in that voice that makes me want to kick her in her man-balls, "We're not broken uh-up." Kick her! In the balls!

Later. Neh and Wes and Erik leave and start walking, discussing their "producer" story.

R-Bar. "VIP" room, which is really just a basement. There are a bunch of girls, and the poor girls are labeled "Groupie #1" etc. by the Graphics of Stupid. Wes camera-pales that he's not trying to hook Erik up, but rather just to show him a good time and also show Rachel what she could be missing. Erik is mostly just standing against the wall having a beer, though.

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