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Sexual Revolution

Previously on The Real World: Kyle called his ex-girlfriend Nicole on September 11 to make sure that she was okay. In an interview, Kyle said that he was really glad that she was fine. In an interview, Keri said that she and Kyle were going to try to be just friends, and stop making out.

The montage that opens the show features couples walking down the street and kissing. Keri walks through the bathroom and declares that she hates blind dates because they make her feel like she's desperate. CJP assures Keri that she's not desperate. Keri says she knows, and that's why she doesn't go on blind dates. In an interview, CJP says that she's introducing Keri to new guys in an effort to get Keri over Kyle. Also, because CJP likes meddling. Kyle tickles Keri and jokes to Theo and Aneesa that Keri's blind date will be just like the show Blind Date, and that there will be a cartoon balloon over her head that says, "What a loser!" What would have been really funny is if the editors put that cartoon balloon up right now, but had it point to Kyle. Heh. Theo says that the balloon will say, "I wish I was with Kyle right now." Aneesa says that it will say, "I don't want to go out because I want to stay here with Kyle." Keri and Kyle continue to play grab-ass. In an interview, Keri says that she and Kyle are friends "with no privileges" right now.

The doorbell rings. Theo and Kyle check out CJP's and Keri's dates through the video monitor. Keri thinks that her date is balding and thirty. Kyle points to the guy on the monitor and calls him a loser. In an interview, the producers obviously asked Kyle if he's jealous of Keri's date, and Kyle responds, "I am jealous, not because Keri is going on a date, but just that...I'd like to be going out with somebody. I'd like to be going out with Nicole." That's why you never repeat the question when you're being interviewed on camera. Just a little PR trick from me to you. Theo, Kyle, and Aneesa get ready for the dates to come up to the loft. In an interview, Theo says that it's going to be interesting to see Kyle's reaction, because Kyle acts really different when Keri brings another guy around.

The two guys arrive in the loft. In an interview, CJP says that she met her date, Jason, at the gym, and that she thinks he's cute. She says that Keri doesn't think cute guys have cute friends, but CJP thinks that Jason might. We see CJP's date, Jason, and he kind of looks like a male model, if you go for that type. Keri's date, Matt, is not as handsome. He kind of looks like a low-rent James Spader. But I'm sure he's a nice guy. Actually, I have no idea if he's a nice guy or not, but I feel bad judging him solely on his looks. In an interview, Keri says that CJP and Jason are trying to be matchmakers, but that she's in the mood to meet new people, so it's fine.

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