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See, They're Good People. They Do Charity Work.

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See, They're Good People. They Do Charity Work.

Once again, I missed the previously on the Real World segment, but I think it's more fun to guess what they showed based on the episode as a whole. This week, I'm guessing they showed some interaction between Ruthie and Annoying (possibly where Ruthie called Annoying a bitch), and a clip from the casting special featuring Colin and Trevor.

Colin and Ruthie are making T-shirts for a charity boat cruise/silent auction sponsored by Local Motion. The money will go to a Women and Children's Medical Center and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Colin and Annoying tour the Medical Center. Annoying compliments a sick little kid's slippers. Must it always be about fashion, Annoying? Colin asks a little girl if she likes basketball. This seemed weird to me until they showed that she has a mini-basketball hoop in her room. Colin starts playing catch with her and she bonks him in the head with the ball. Ha! In a confessional, Annoying shows off her vocabulary by saying, "Until you actually see the faces of the children, it's really kind of just a thing, but when you have faces to go with the thing, it's a lot more personal." Colin and Annoying look at a clay rabbit that the little girl made. Colin tells Annoying to "kiss the bunny." If you think, as I do, that those two used "kiss the bunny" as a euphemism for sex, that's really gross. Annoying says no, the little girl says yes, and Annoying does it. In a confessional, Annoying tells us they have a lot of tickets to sell. Colin says that the boat and bands are set, and "if everyone does their [sic] job, it could go smoothly."

Colin and Annoying are soliciting donations from local businesses for the silent auction. Annoying says that there is a Hooters nearby, and it makes her sick to her stomach. Colin says he doesn't care that it's Hooters as long as they give money that will go to kids. Amen, brother! Personally, I'm not a big fan of Hooters either, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take their money for charity. Annoying says that he doesn't care because it's boobs and she cares because it's just boobs. Colin says, "I don't care if they donate boobs, as long as it's going to children." I think he meant the money, not the boobs, should go to children. At least I hope that's what he meant. They get to Hooters and Annoying immediately starts checking out the competition. She says, "Her boobs aren't that big. I could work here. I've got big boobs," and she sticks them out for Colin to see. He says, "No, you don't," which pretty much shuts down that conversation. They talk to the manager and explain why they're there, and the manager agrees to give a donation. Colin says that Annoying didn't want to come to Hooters, but he thinks it's a fine establishment. Annoying says she heard they have good wings. The manager says that they have more than that, and Annoying says, "Yeah, boobs too." I would just like to ban anyone on this show from ever saying the word "boobs" again. I heard it enough in that last scene for a lifetime. Oh, and Annoying? Shut up. While I too am not a big fan of Hooters because it contributes to the objectification of women so prevalent in our society, I don't go there and compare myself to the waitresses. I used to work practically next door to one, and I would walk by and ignore it. I suggest you do the same.

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