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Screaming and Yelling

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Screaming and Yelling

Previously: Nicole greeted Malik and Kevin on the first day. Nicole went on a disastrous date with Rene. In an interview, Nicole said that she loves black men who love black women. Nicole wondered why she's going out on dates when she has Malik at home. I was wondering that myself. And we'll find out in this episode.

I just realized that, in the opening credits, Malik is wearing a shirt that is open to his navel. What's up with that?

Malik reveals to Nicole that he's never had sex with a black woman, even though he has dated them. Malik explains that he's selective about his (sexual) partners, so he's not going to have sex with the first black woman he meets. Malik asks Nicole whether she's ready to be the first one, and she giggles and looks away. Rachel yells out that Nicole said she was looking for sex, causing Nicole to giggle even more. In an interview, Rachel says that there is definitely sexual tension between Malik and Nicole, and that they both acknowledge it. Nicole feels that if Malik loves his culture so much, he should have had sex with black women. In an interview, Malik says that he's dated outside and within his race. Nicole is glad he's diverse, and thinks that's respectable, but that's not for her. Malik semi-jokes that he's waiting for her, and Nicole laughs and says that she doesn't want to be a token.

In the guys' bedroom, Mike and Kevin say that Nicole obviously likes Malik, and that Malik is the type of guy she would want to marry. Kevin says that Nicole is his favorite "this year." What does that mean? Mike says that it's an eighth-grade thing where Nicole picks on Malik because she likes him. Well, most of us passed that phase in about the fourth grade, but I guess I shouldn't expect any different from Mike. Malik says that Nicole is more critical of him than she is of the others. In an interview, Malik says that Nicole doesn't want black men to date outside their race, and that she wants to marry a black man. Malik feels that Nicole is still a stranger to him, and that he doesn't know anything about her life and family.

In the kitchen, Malik asks Nicole whether she has brothers and sisters. Nicole explains her family situation, and says that she doesn't get along with her siblings because she's the only one who went to college and left Oregon. In an interview, Nicole says that she doesn't like to talk about her past to her roommates or her friends, even though she is proud of her past. Mike asks Nicole why she moved to Atlanta. Nicole says she heard it was like the new Harlem. Mike asks whether it is, and Nicole says that it's not where she wants to be. Mike asks where she wants to be, and Nicole says that she wants to be wherever she can find a man. In an interview, Nicole says that her goal in life is to be happy, giving love and sharing love.

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