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Sarah and Her Superpowers Rule!

It's yet another beautiful day in Miami. Waves lap serenely at the camera and we move into the kitchen, where Sarah says to Cynthia, "You've got to be optimistic." Cynthia, ever sassy, replies, "I don't know nothing about being optimistic. I think of the facts...ACTUAL facts." Cynthia is very smart. Joe comes up and says, "Even if we fail, you still were part of running the business." Running it where? Into the ground before it even started? This is a rather progressive attitude towards failure for 1996, but really, the roomies have barely got anything together but some conversations that resulted in nothing! Maybe to expect failure is to simply be realistic. That's mighty Zen of Joe. And yet... an interview, Cyn admits to being "irritated, aggravated, agitated." Her honesty and vocabulary are good, or, to quote the less eloquent Melissa, "really really really" good. "As far as the business goes, it's a big headache." I so feel her. I'm running out of Tylenol and I wasn't even there.

Back in the chicken, we see Cyn is frying up a batch of chicken, which probably explains that needy look on Joe's face. It's either lust for Cynthia, or he wants some of that fried chicken. Fried chicken takes forever to cook, and it smells so good. It may be the most frustrating food in the world to prepare. Mmmmm...fried chicken...okay, I'm back. Joe leans over the counter, ogling the chicken, and says in voice-over that Cyn needs to understand how business works. And you want to be the one to show her, right? Mm-hmm. They are so hot for each other. Then he says, "If it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't, I've already learned a lot about myself." Is it that you are not succeeding? That's what I've learned. Cyn says, not unkindly, "I'm glad you're here to share that on me [sic]." Sarah chimes in with, "It's good to fail now, 'cause the last thing you want to do at age thirty is fail. I want to get it out of the way now, so that there's less when I'm thirty, when I'll have twice as many commitments." Hmmm...can this be true? If you screw up when you're young, you're less likely to when you're older? And if Sarah really believes this, could she perhaps be trying to deliberately sabotage the business? BUM BUM BUUUUMM! What a bunch of wacky armchair philosophers they all are. Oh, who am I kidding, they all just want fried chicken.

Dan runs around outside some building yelling for "Robert." They're going to talk about a business idea. Oh, joy. It's for their own clothing line, for the "active, fit woman." Dan says he became interested "instantaneously." Is that like instantly? Whatever.

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