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Salad Days

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Salad Days

Shout-outs to the production people who worked in this season of the Real World and had to stay awake though this whole affair. I admire your professionalism and would love to get the names of your dealers.

B-Roll of London in the morning. From the room of the honey blondes, Jacinda "Now on billboards all over the Philippines" Barrett observes that the sun is coming in. You can always count on Jacinda to state something obvious like that. I guess she figured out that it's her best bet to get more dialogue in the final edit. Can't you just see Mary-Ellis Bunim going, "Okay, I want to show that it's morning, do we have any dialogue from the tapes that shows that?" So then the assistant editor, whose job it is to comb through the hundreds of hours of footage, says, "Well, there's this shot of Jacinda opening the curtains of her bedroom and saying 'The sun's coming in,' will that do?" "Thank God," says Jonathan Murray. "What would we ever do without that simple girl? Why, thanks to her, we've saved so much editing time, I daresay I'll be able to get home tonight in time to tuck my son into bed!" "And she looks positively radiant this month on the cover of Bolivian Cosmo!" says Mary-Ellis Bunim.

The gang wakes up and each does some sort of variation of, "Gee ain't it neat to wake up in London?" Well, except for Neil and Sharon, who aren't shown, but if they were, I guess they'd be saying something like, "Gee ain't it neat to wake up a few blocks from where I normally live?" Jacinda, that flirt, sneaks into the Eurotrasher's bedroom, ostensibly to find out what time it is because she doesn't have a watch. She does this, mind you, even though she lives on a different floor than the boys. I mean she totally could have asked Sharon what time it is, who lives right next door, but she doesn't. I guess she's either trying to hook up as soon as possible, or she really really needed to know what time it was, really doesn't have a watch and couldn't deal with Sharon before she'd had any coffee. Thanks to these hijinks, we get to see Neil's piercings. Gee Neil, you've got a nipple ring. So does my forty-three-year-old supervisor at work. Sharon gushes enthusiastically about how exciting it is to live with so many different types of people. In this sit-down, she's still wearing that same gray coat that she wore in every single shot last episode. What's with the coat? Is she homeless? Or is that the only piece of clothing she has that doesn't make her look fat? So, while she narrates, all the RW's are shown cooking together and doing little chores together while Sharon is absent from these activities. I guess the gang decided early on to lock her in her room with a muzzle.

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