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Ruthie Got Game

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the previously on the Real World segment, due to some taping issues, but I'm sure they showed clips of Ruthie leaving and Teck with some women, since those are the major threads of this episode.

Wonder Bread and Teck are in the van, and Wonder Bread is saying that he wants to make Ruthie's return as comfortable as possible. He tells Teck that Annoying is nervous about Ruthie coming home. Teck says he's not nervous, but Ruthie knows someone that he knows. As Teck puts it, "She's messing with Malo." Wonder Bread says that he heard about that: "Is this the dancer at Exotic Nights?" By switching between a confessional and Wonder Bread and Teck's conversation in the van, we hear the following story from Teck: "The way Ruthie got Malo is, she met her and Malo said, 'You know Teck?' Ruthie said, 'Oh, you're one of the victims.' Malo said, 'What do you mean, victim?' and Ruthie said, 'One of his many women'." Teck goes on to point out that Ruthie is "trying to put salt in my game to get Malo."

Wonder Bread walks into the Colony Surf Hotel where all of his fantasies are about to come true. He walks into Ruthie's hotel room, and she is lying in bed with Malo. Rather than excuse himself so that she can make herself decent and they can have a normal conversation, he just barges in and hugs her. Ruthie is wearing that same black tank top and thong. This is starting to get gross. Ruthie makes me laugh by saying, "Nice haircut" to Wonder Bread and he replies, "It's the worst." You ain't kidding, brother! Ruthie introduces Matt to Malo. In a confessional, she tells us she broke up with Jess. Wonder Bread says he's happy that Ruthie is coming back to the house, and more than anything...he pauses here and makes that really annoying "surf's up" gesture again. Finally, he concludes that he's happy Ruthie feels that this break was good for her. Ruthie says that it was a good break, and that they didn't really talk about alcohol. It was more about her dreams. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful treatment facility. In a confessional, Ruthie says that she learned that nobody can tell you you're an alcoholic, and nobody can tell you whether to drink or not, that you have to tell yourself. I think maybe she got a little mixed up here. I think they meant that the first step is admitting that you have a problem, whereas Ruthie took it to mean that the first step is that you can do whatever you want.

Next, Ruthie says, "You know" about twenty times and then says that the women in the program didn't want her to leave, and Wonder Bread says in a really creepy way, "I can imagine," meaning that he imagined it every night. Also, he is definitely wearing makeup, and it is not a good look for him. Ruthie tells us that it would be ideal not to drink again, but nobody knows what's going to happen. This is actually a good attitude, I think, since it's all about taking it one day at a time. Wonder Bread tells her that Teck is anxious about whether Ruthie will hate him when she gets back. Funny, I don't remember Teck saying anything like that, but it's so unlike Wonder Bread to stir up trouble. Oh wait, it would be exactly like him to do that. In a confessional, Wonder Bread tells us, "I sincerely hope no housemate of mine makes this difficult for Ruthie." Look, I appreciate that Ruthie has a problem and all, but must the world revolve around her? Back in the hotel room, Wonder Bread then gets all dorky (or dorkier than usual) and says, "I feel like I'm seeing a star because I've thought about you a lot." Gee, I bet that kind of talk is going to make Ruthie respect you. Ruthie says she's in hiding. In a confessional, she tells us that she knows that Matt wants to be a good friend, but it's weird and she still feels cautious. Ruthie tells him to go away because it's her last night of freedom. You totally know that Wonder Bread was hoping for an invitation to join them in bed, or at least to watch them. He reluctantly leaves, and tells her to page him so he can make sure her return goes smoothly. Dude, she's just coming back to the house -- it's hardly the invasion of Normandy. What's to plan? She walks in the door. It's over. Anyway, Wonder Bread tells Malo it was nice to meet her and leaves. Ruthie tells us that what happened with Matt made her think twice about him. Malo says that Matt was nice and Ruthie just laughs. She really has no respect for him.

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